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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 208: Silent Waltz

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“Meow! Won’t he die like this?” After knocking Kite in the air, Pitou didn’t take advantage of the situation. She squatted down like a cat and watched Kite in the air while muttering to herself.

However, at this moment, terrifying energy came from the woods chopping down trees in the way.

Upon seeing this, Pitou stood up on all four and jumped in the air to avoid the slash.

In the depth of the woods, a figure walked out slowly. Looking closely, it was Kite, who was knocked in the air before.

There was a large scar on his left shoulder, and he was no longer bleeding anymore.

Fortunately, the wound he sustained was deep, and although it would affect him in battle, it wasn’t hard to fight like this.

“I don’t know how Gon and Killua are doing, so I must deal with this monster quickly.”

Pitou fell back down while looking at Kite seriously.

At this time, Kite was holding a scythe in his hand.

It was the Number 2: Scythe.

This scythe is extremely sharp and could possibly cut anything.

Even a monster like Neferpitou can be cut if hit directly.

“Silent Waltz!”

Kite waved the scythe in his hand, sending a terrible slash toward Neferpitou.

Seeing the attack coming toward her, Pitou didn’t dodge this time but decided to face it head-on.


A huge explosion erupted as the attack collided with Pitou’s claws.

The trees all around them were cut down.

Kite saw Pitou squatting on the ground, but there was no apparent injury on her body.

“She actually blocked it?”

Kite was a little surprised, and he didn’t expect that Pitou’s body was so strong that it could block his strongest attack.

“This is really painful. Look at this.” Pitou said and pointed at a scar due to the last attack.

Kite snorted and rushed forward with his scythe in hand and engaged in close combat against Pitou.

Even without performing the Silent Waltz, the scythe was extremely sharp and quite powerful at close range.

On the other side, Allan was getting closer and closer to Kite and Pitou.

He stopped on a hillside and then started searching: “There are four presences, one is Pitou without a doubt, the other strong one is Kite, the two weak ones should be Gon and Killua, and they seem injured.”

It took two minutes for Allan to find Gon and Killua, both of them were unconscious and seriously injured.

Allan lifted both of them to the edge of the bush and then used the Pray of the Holy Light to heal them.

After a while, they both regained consciousness.


“You finally arrived, Allan.”

Gon and Killua were pleasantly surprised as they saw Allan.

“Are you okay?” Allan asked.

“Well, I’m okay.” Gon clenched his fist as he said.

“No problem, I won’t die.” Killua smiled.

“You guys stay here,” Allan ordered.

Since he was going to fight Pitou, he couldn’t heal both of them completely.

That Catwoman was strong. If he fought her while he was exhausted, it would be bad.

Of course, he had trump cards and wasn’t worried much, but just in case, he needed to be in a perfect state.

“Where is Kite?” Gon asked.

He was the first one to be hit by Pitou, so he didn’t know what had happened.

“I’m afraid that he is fighting that Monster,” Killua replied.

He was also beaten by Pitou, so he didn’t know Kite’s current situation, so he concluded that he must be fighting Pitou right now.

“Kite’s hand was cut off in order to protect us. With his injury, he won’t be able to fight for long.” Gon said worriedly.

“Yeah, although he is strong, that monster is much stronger than him, and it was just testing us before. If it really wanted to kill, Kite won’t be able to resist.” Killua said seriously.

“Don’t worry, and I will help Kite,” Allan said.

“Then, you should quickly go. We will wait for you here.” Killua urged.

He knew that Allan was strong. He saw him fight many times and was confident in the latter’s strength.

“Allan, please save Kite, and you must kill that Monster. It is too dangerous.” Gon said seriously.

“Don’t worry. I’m heading off.”

Allan used Flash steps and rushed toward Pitou and Kite.

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