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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 209: Senzu Bean’s Efficacy

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In the NGL Forest, an explosion after the other erupted as trees fell left and right.

Two figures were separated by ten meters. One was a cat woman standing on all four, while the other person was a man half kneeling on the ground.

After a fierce battle, Kite was full of wounds, which affected his combat effectiveness greatly.

On the other hand, Pitou only suffered some skin scratches and nothing else.

The difference between their strength was too great, and even if his arm wasn’t cut off at the start, he wouldn’t be able to win this fight.

“Is this the end?” Kite held his scythe and muttered.

Seeing Pitou rushing over toward him, he could only try his best to survive.

He tried to block Pitou’s attack with the scythe, but he was sent flying, breaking several trees on the way.

Pitou jumped and arrived in front of Kite and said: “Meow! This is the last attack.”

Seeing Pitou waving her claw at him, Kite couldn’t even lift a finger and waited for death.

However, just as the claws were about to end his life, Pitou’s face changed, and the attack that was originally aimed at Kite changed direction.

At the same time, a figure suddenly appeared and punched Pitou.


Pitou’s claws collided with the fist, and an explosion erupted from the shockwave, blowing several trees away.

In the next second, Pitou flew away, but she adjusted her posture in the air and landed on all four.

“Meow! Who are you?”

Pitou looked in Kite’s direction and saw a man standing in front of him, with black hair and black eyes, looking coldly at her and releasing an astonishing aura.

“It looks like a very strong guy came to take a look.” Pitou stared at the man, not in fear but excitement.

At the same time, Kite stared at the man and asked: “Who are… You?”

Kite was extremely surprised by this man who saved him at the last second.

“I’m Allan, Gon and Killua’s friend.”

Kite smiled bitterly and asked: “You’re here to find Gon and Killua? The two of them were hit by that monster, and I don’t know how they are currently. I’m sorry, but I wasn’t strong enough to protect them.”

“Don’t worry, the two of them are okay. I have taken them to a safe place to recover.”

Knowing that Gon and Killua weren’t in danger made Kite relax.

“How are you? Can you stand up?” Allan glanced at him.

“I think so.” Kite stood up with great difficulty.

Seeing this, Allan took a Senzu bean and threw it at Kite.

“What’s this?”

Looking at the green been in his hand, Kite asked in confusion.

“That’s called a Senzu bean, and it can heal anyone who isn’t dead yet. Since you’re seriously injured, you can take it and heal your injuries.”

“Is it so amazing?”

Although Kite doubted whether this Senzu Bean could really save him, he still ate it.

In the next second, Kite felt his injuries healing, and his power quickly recovered.

Within three seconds, Kite’s injuries were fully healed.

Even his arm that was cut off grew back like. He looked as if nothing had happened to him at all.

Kite was extremely surprised, and he felt as if he was reborn.

“This is amazing, and I never knew that such an amazing treasure existed,” Kite exclaimed.

“That Senzu bean isn’t produced in this world,” Allan said.

“Not from this world?” Although Kite had the same doubt, he didn’t ask and instead thanked Allan: “Allan, thank you very much, I owe you my life.”

“Don’t worry about it. The Senzu bean is there for someone who needs it. You’re worthy of the hunter’s name, and I just can’t let you die in good conscious, so there is no need for thanks.”

Although Allan said that there is no need for thanks, Kite still remembered this kindness in his heart and will try his best to return it tenfold.

However, they couldn’t relax right now because Pitou was still staring at them.

At this time, Pitou was curiously staring at Kite, who was like new.

“Be careful. That monster is very strong.” Kite raised his scythe and said seriously.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Take Kite and leave. Reward: Nen increase by 5,000.]

[2: Face Neferpitou and defeat her alone. Reward: Shinra Tensei.]

[3: Join hand with Kite and defeat Neferpitou. Reward: Senzu Bean x1]

Without any hesitation, Allan picked the second choice. He looked at Kite and said: “Kite, you can go back and take care of Gon and Killua. I will take care of her.”

“What?” Kite was taken aback and asked: “Are you serious?”

Allan nodded: “Of course, I will be enough to deal with her.”

Kite didn’t seem to agree: “Allan, although you are very strong, you’re probably not strong enough to take this monster alone. But if we join hand, we can deal with it.”

Allan smiled: “Indeed, if we talk about Nen alone, then both of us can’t compare with her, but you should remember that Nen isn’t everything in a fight.

I’m confident that I can defeat her, so don’t worry.”

Seeing Allan so confident, Kite didn’t say much else about this.

“Okay, take care. I’m going to find Gon and Killua.” Kite said.

“Go ahead.” Allan nodded.

“Meow! Do you want to leave? It’s not that easy.”

Seeing Kite was about to leave, Pitou immediately attacked him.

At this moment, Allan also moved, and his aura skyrocketed.

The monstrous aura made both Kite and Pitou stop in their track. After the initial shock, Pitou directly retreated and created some distance between herself and Allan while Kite looked at Allan in surprise and shock.

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