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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 210: Hand To Hand Combat

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Although Haoshoku Haki can’t cause damage to Pitou, it can make her re-evaluate Allan’s threat level.

“This guy is very strong.”

Seeing Pitou not moving anymore, Allan turned to Kite and said: “Go on, find Gon and Killua. I believe she won’t try to stop you again.”

Kite nodded and looked at Allan deeply before rushing away quickly.

He wasn’t worried anymore because that aura Allan exuded caught the monster’s attention, and other than Allan, nothing existed for her right now.

Therefore, he can leave without worrying about Pitou attacking him.

Kite was also deeply shocked by Allan’s aura, as he had never felt such an amazing Aura before.

Pitou was looking at Allan without paying attention to Kite. In her eyes, Allan was a dangerous existence that could threaten her.

If Allan weren’t killed here, he would be an existence that can threaten all Chimera Ants and even the Ant King.

Therefore, Pitou decided to kill Allan and eliminate the threat this dangerous human posed to her race and king.

Allan looked at Pitou without any worry, and he seemed relaxed even.


Finally, Pitou took the initiative to attack Allan, and at the same time, Allan launched his counterattack.

Under the night’s sky, Allan and Pitou collided, creating massive shockwaves that destroyed their surroundings.


Allan suddenly appeared in front of Pitou.

“Armament: Hardening!”

With a jet-black fist, Allan slammed Pitou.


Although Pitou defended herself well, she was still sent flying.

“You’re very strong, Meow!”

Pitou felt the mighty power Allan had, and the latter’s threat level increased even more.

Pitou jumped and rushed toward Allan quickly, waving her claws repeatedly.

With her racial talent, she had an advantage in close combat.

However, even though Allan was a human, he wasn’t behind her in power.

Allan only used Soru, Armament Haki, and Observation Haki till now. He didn’t use neither the other Rokushiki techniques nor the Ice Ice fruit.”

The Armament Haki can already be content with Pitou’s power, while Observation Haki can track her movement and predict her attacks. Then he would use Soru to dodge and attack accordingly.

Pitou was extremely strong indeed because, while Allan was using all those techniques, she was only relying on herself.

“This human is too strong.”

After a fierce battle, Pitou was getting annoyed as she didn’t gain the advantage even once when fighting Allan.

The battle between Allan and Pitou made all living creatures in a radius of ten kilometers shiver in fright.

Allan knew that relying only on those three techniques, and he wouldn’t be able to win against Pitou. After all, she was the strongest of the King’s Guards and the first one to be born. She had speed, power, and a superior battle instinct.

So, it was almost impossible for him to win without using any other power.

“If this goes on, neither of us will win,” Allan said.

“Yes, Meow! You’re really strong.” Pitou stared at Allan with piercing eyes.

“Then, I will get a little more serious, be ready.” Allan laughed.

“You still didn’t use your full power?” Seeing Allan’s confident face, Pitou was a little afraid now.

“Ice time!” (T/N: Add a Cool pose!)

Suddenly, icy cold air spread from Allan’s palm and covered the surrounding area.

In an instant, Pitou was frozen and turned into Ice Sculpture.

In addition to Pitou, 500 meters froze, with Allan being at the center.

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