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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 211: Ice Meteor

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Although Allan successfully froze Pitou in seconds, he knew that such a monster like her wouldn’t be so easily defeated.

Sure enough, after two seconds, the frozen Pitou broke free with a bang, and the Ice surrounding her shattered.

She instantly jumped away to create some distance from Allan and looked at him warily.

Allan knew that she felt a great threat from the cautious look in her eyes.

“Ice Age!”

Allan raised his hands, and the surrounding started freezing, and the temperature dropped sharply.

Allan was an Ice person, so he wasn’t afraid of cold. Furthermore, fighting in such an environment is advantageous for him.

But Pitou wasn’t the same, and such a harsh environment would cause her great disadvantage.

Although she was a monster with a strong body, the cold would slow her reflexes and create advantages for Allan.

Allan looked around and said: “This will be your burial place.”

“Meow! Try if you can.”

After saying this, Pitou bent down, and her claws touched the ground before jumping quickly, shattering the Ice under her feet.

Allan didn’t panic while facing the aggressive attack from Pitou, instead of a hard thick wall of Ice instantly condensed in front of him, blocking Pitou.


Pitou waved her claws at the wall and tore it down, and continued forward toward Allan.

Allan waited for a bit, and at the critical moment when he was about to get hit, he used Moon Walk and stepped into the air, dodging Pitou’s attack.

Pitou posted for a second before once again starting her attacks.

She was extremely fast, but in front of someone like Allan, who had Observation Haki, her speed was nothing.

She could only rely on her physical strength to try and gain an advantage against Allan, but the latter already knew this and wasn’t worried.

His own body was strong, maybe even stronger than Pitou, and while she had stronger Nen, Allan’s control and precision were far superior.

Allan had many techniques, but he didn’t plan on using them. Instead, he decided to deal with Pitou using only the Ice Ice Fruit.

After dodging for a while, Allan suddenly disappeared from Pitou’s eyes.

She stood in place and suddenly looked at the sky.

Currently, Allan was standing a hundred meters in the air above Pitou using Moon Walk.

Even though Pitou had great eyesight, she couldn’t see Allan clearly from such a distance, not to mention attacking him. She wouldn’t be able to reach him at all, even if she tried.

Allan was superior in the air since Pitou couldn’t reach him there.

Pitou was helpless and could only stay on guard.

After a few seconds, an extremely cold wind came from above.

Pitou could see a giant Iceball, close to 80 meters in size, like a meteorite coming down from the sky.


Pitou frowned, and cold sweat covered her back. Even seeing the Size of the Iceball alone can give anyone a shock.

She looked at Iceball seriously and knew she couldn’t escape.

She grinned and let out a roar, and then she opened her claws. The muscle on her body started swelling and then up to face it head-on.

The huge Ice Ball directly blocked Pitou’s escape route, and with a blink of an eye, the Ice Ball fell on the ground.

Cracks filled the ground, and a huge pit covered in Ice replaced the frozen forest.

“Did she die?”

In the air, Allan stared at the pit below and wondered.

He was sure that even if she didn’t die from this, she should be seriously injured.

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