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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 212: Injured

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After using Observation Haki, Allan quickly found Pitou inside the pit.

She was tattered, her hair was disheveled, but she wasn’t dead.

Allan wasn’t surprised because he knew very well how tough Pitou was.

However, the Ice Meteor has caused injuries without a doubt.

Allan noticed this by the aura he perceived using Observation Haki. Pitou’s presence was weak.

Of course, Allan consumed too much Stamina creating that Meteor, but he still can fight without any disadvantage, which means that he has the upper hand now.

“Okay, let’s play for a bit.”

Allan went down and stood in front of Pitou with his finger hooked provocatively.

Allan was already a threat in Pitou’s eyes, but seeing his provocation, she rushed forward and attacked with her claws.

Allan didn’t dodge but used Armament Haki to engage in close combat with Pitou instead.

Since Pitou relied on agility in the fight, Allan decided to use Wolf Fang Fist to fight like a beast, the same way as Pitou.

Obviously, the Wolf Fang Fist was superior to Pitou’s style, and once he started using it, Pitou was on the losing side.


Pitou was sent back and smashed into a tree. She was very angry and rushed back toward Allan aggressively, who was grinning.

Flash Steps!

When Pitou Almost hit him, Allan used Flash step and disappeared.

“Meow!” Pitou’s eyes quickly looked around, and as soon as she caught Allan’s figure, she chased after him.

While pulling away from Pitou, Allan raised his right hand, and spherical energy started forming inside his palm.

While Pitou was rushing forward, Allan turned around and avoided her attack, and then he pressed his palm toward Pitou’s Stomach.


That’s the energy ball in Allan’s hand, the attack that he didn’t use since his fight with Hisoka in Heaven’s Arena.

Pitou was caught off guard, and her body was repelled back at high speed while rotating before she hit a few trees and stopped.

Allan knew that even a monster like Pitou wouldn’t remain intact with a Rasengan to the Stomach.

Sure enough, when Pitou fell down, there was a part of her abdomen that was missing, and blood flowed out like rivers.

“Okay, let’s end this.”

Allan didn’t plan to drag this anymore, and instead, he took advantage of the situation without giving Pitou any chance to heal her injuries.

He dashed forward and appeared in front of Pitou in a blink of an eye. Pitou was already prepared and directly jumped forward, launching another attack on Allan.

Allan already predicted this with his Observation Haki and evaded her attack.

“Try this!”

Allan raised his hand, and an electric light flickered on his palm with the sound of chirping birds.


As the Chidori took shape, Allan attacked Pitou without hesitation.

Compared to the Rasengan, Chidori was more of a defense breaker since it has a superior penetration power.

The Chidori pierced Pitou’s body, and the electric current paralyzed her body.

Allan directly kicked Pitou’s body away.

As she fell to the ground, purple blood surged out of her wounds.

“It’s over!”

Allan stood in front of Pitou and said coldly.

“You’re really good, Meow!”

Pitou looked at Allan weakly, and she understood now that Allan was far stronger than her.

“Meow! If I let you go, your existence will threaten the Ant King. So I will never let you harm the Ant king.”

After saying this, an extremely dark Aura covered Pitou’s body.

Feeling the terrifying aura, Allan instinctively distanced himself from Pitou.

At the same time, Pitou stood up and opened her hands as if she was a string puppet.

Behind her, a weird demon that looked like a doll appeared.

Allan recognized this instantly. It was Pitou’s Nen Ability: Terpsichora.

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