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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 213: Killing Pitou

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The Terpsichora can make Pitou exert strength speed beyond her body’s limit, which is why Allan directly distanced himself away from her and created an Ice wall.

Of course, the Ice wall can’t stop Pitou. Allan only intended to slow her down.

When Pitou broke the Ice wall, Allan had already moved fifty meters above ground with Moonwalk. However, Allan’s pupil shrank before he could sigh from relief.


Allan looked down and saw Pitou rushing toward with great speed.


Allan couldn’t use Armament Haki on time and was knocked away by Pitou and fell down like a Cannonball.


Allan landed and created a large pit on the ground before he stood up with tattered clothes.

Allan’s hand broke from the previous attack, but he repaired it by turning it back into Ice.

Since he has a Logia fruit, he is passively immune to most physical attacks, and even if a body part broke, he could quickly recover.

Pitou saw Allan’s arm recovering and directly attacked Again.

Allan, who already experienced Pitou’s speed, knew that even with Soru and Flash steps, he isn’t as fast.

Even if he used Observation Haki, he wouldn’t be able to react to her speed on time.

It can be said that he is currently suppressed by Pitou, and if he wanted to kill her, it would be impossible with just the Rokushiki, Flash Steps, and Haki.

“Ice Storm!”

A huge storm engulfed Pitou and the forest like a giant beast, freezing her in place.

Allan knew that Pitou wouldn’t stay frozen for long, so he prepared his next attack waiting for Pitou to emerge.


As soon as a crack appeared on the Ice, Pitou emerged out, but a huge Dragon was waiting for her.

The Dragon opened its jaw and swallowed Pitou in one bite.

The Dragon moved quickly and slammed his body on a distant Mountain, with Pitou inside of it.

A loud explosion broke out from the collision, and a huge hole appeared in the mountain.

However, when using Terpsichora, Pitou could ignore all injuries since a puppet is manipulating her body. Even if she is in pain or fatigued, she could fight, even after death.

As long as the body exists, even if she dies, the strong loyalty to the Ant king would keep her fighting.

Allan knew that he had to destroy her body if he wanted to end the fight.

Thinking about this, Allan sighed and took out a blue card from the Inventory.

This card was S ranked level Ninjutsu that Allan previously obtained, “… Kirin,” which can be used once without any condition.

Kirin is formed by natural lightning, and its power was devastating.

Allan believed that Pitou wouldn’t be able to withstand an attack like that.

Suddenly, thunder clouds formed in the sky, and lightning danced inside.

Allan pointed his finger at Pitou and said: “Strike!”

The already condensed Dragon of lightning blasted toward Pitou in one-thousandth of a second.

Even if Pitou has extreme speed, in front of the current speed of the lightning, she was hopeless.


Pitou was obliterated along with the mountain.

Allan stood in the air while panting from exhaustion. Although he didn’t use many techniques, the few he used consumed too much of his Stamina.

He directly used Observation Haki to make sure that Pitou died and finally breathed a sigh of relief when he couldn’t sense her anymore.

Pitou was killed by Kirin, and he further confirmed this by the puddle of purple blood on the ground.

“Was her entire body destroyed by the Kirin?”

Seeing the pool of blood, Allan couldn’t help sighing.

Although he didn’t have any grudge against Pitou, she was an enemy of the entire human race, and as a Human, he felt an obligation to get rid of the danger she posed.

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