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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 214: Reward

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[Ding! You successfully killed Pitou and received the Reward Shinra Tensei!]

After killing Pitou, the System’s voice echoed in Allan’s head.

Shinra Tensei was different from a Shockwave Attack. This technique can repel all attacks, and it can be used to attack as well.

It is a powerful attack that combines powerful defense and offense. If fully charged, it could destroy a town easily.

But it has its shortcomings, and the most obvious is the inability to continuously use it as it needs a period of time to be used again.

If it is to flick something small, like a stone around, then the cooldown is negligible.

If it is to knock an ordinary person up, it takes one second, and so on.

The other shortcoming is when encountering something that can’t be repelled. When that happens, he will be the one sent away instead.

In other words, he needs to judge whether he can repel his target or not before he uses this technique, but Allan was greatly satisfied nonetheless.

Now that he killed Pitou, he can be considered to have broken the Ant King’s right arm and made the Chimera Ants suffer great losses.

Allan had no obligation to report to the Hunter Association about what he did. So he will let them handle the rest for now.

Fighting Pitou consumed too much of Allan’s stamina, and he had to use the only remaining Senzu Bean to recover.

Allan returned to the NGL’s Embassy to leave the NGL and returned to the outside world after receiving the items he left there.

Outside, Kite, Gon, and Killua were sitting under a tree with their eyes closed.

When Allan came out, the three of them opened their eyes and greeted him.


Gon exclaimed excitedly.

Killua was also happy seeing Allan while Kite breathed a sigh of relief and said: “It’s great that you’re okay.”

Allan smiled: “Are you all okay?”

“Well, we recovered fine.” Gon and Killua replied.

The two of them were severely injured by Pitou previously, and Although Allan saved them, they weren’t fully recovered.

Now that they rested for a few hours, they are almost completely fine.

It was apparent how superior their natural healing factor was. Even Allan was slightly surprised.

“By the way, Allan, where is that monster?” After talking for a bit, Kite asked seriously.

Allan knew that Kite was wary of Pitou and couldn’t help asking.

Seeing his serious look, he could tell that this guy probably will have a phobia of cats in the future.

“If that monster can’t be dealt with, it may come out from the NGL, and all humans would suffer. That’s why we must deal with it.

I have notified the hunter Association and passed the news about the Chimera Ants to Chairman Netero. I believe that President Netero will send someone here in a few days.”

Hearing this, Allan shrugged and said: “I already dealt with that cat.”

“W-w-what?!” Kite’s eyes widened hearing Allan’s reply as he couldn’t believe this.

Killua and Gon weren’t surprised because they had witnessed Allan’s strength already and knew that he was very strong.

Gon said: “Kite, Allan is very strong. It’s not strange that he can beat that monster.”

“Yes, although that monster is quite strong, Allan is more of a monster compared to it,” Killua said.

Hearing this, Kite took a deep breath and asked: “How did you defeat it? Did you really kill it?”

Allan nodded and smiled: “Well, there isn’t even a corpse left as it was completely obliterated, so don’t worry about it running away and harming humans.”

Kite stayed silent for a while; he said in relief: “That’s great.”

Allan patted Gon and Killua and said: “Okay since this matter is solved and there is nothing else to do here, let’s leave.” Gon and Killua nodded without saying anything.

“You leave first, and I want to stay and wait for Chairman Netero.”

Hearing Kite’s Words, Allan asked: “Do you still want to go in?”

Kite nodded: “I’m a hunter investigating Biology. I’m interested in those Ants inside the NGL.”

Hearing this, Allan patted Kite’s shoulder and said: “Well, you can stay and wait, Netero and the others.”

“Kite, remember, if you need help, contact us.” Gon said.

“Well, I know, but I don’t think I should bother you anymore because Chairman Netero might personally lead this time, and Chairman Netero is more of a monster than the Ants,” Kite said with confidence obviously very confident in Netero’s strength.

Allan smiled: “It’s undeniable that old man Netero is really good.”

“Oh?” Kite looked puzzled at Allan: “You also know Chairman Netero?”

“Well, I fought against him before,” Allan said.

“What, you fought against Chairman Netero?” Kite asked in surprise.

“Just for fun,” Allan said.

“Chairman Netero is indeed a martial artist who looks for a strong foe and enjoys a good fight, but only a few can interest him, and only fewer can fight him.”

Kite’s implied that Allan is very strong.

“Since you can defeat a monster like that cat, it means that your fight with Chairman Netero was quite the battle,” Kite said.

Allan smiled before he remembered something and said: “By the way, even though I dealt with Neferpitou, don’t take them lightly as there are even stronger monsters there.”

“Neferpitou?” Kite thought for a bit, then asked: “Isn’t that the cat monster’s name?”

“Um.” Allan nodded.

Kite then asked: “You said that there are stronger monsters. What do you mean?”

“At least two monsters on the same level as Neferpitou will be born amongst the Ants, and their king will be born soon. The king is even stronger than Neferpitou and will rule all of them, but I can only estimate that he will appear in half a month to a month.”

Kite’s face was gloomy as he asked: “Are you sure?”

Allan nodded: “Yes, but I can’t say exactly when it will happen, but be careful of everything.”

“I see. Thank you for your help and advice.” Kite said.

Allan took Gon and Killua and left after bidding farewell to Kite.

The next day, Netero brought ten Hunter with him to the NGL and met with Kite.

Kite explained the Chimera Ant accident to Netero in detail and how Allan helped him and solved the cat monster and relied upon Allan’s warning about the Ant king.

To Kite’s surprise, when Netero heard about the king, he seemed excited instead of fearful.

Netero directly told Kite that he wanted to fight the Ant King and wouldn’t deal with the Ants for the time being.

To prepare for the fight, Netero took ten days to prepare and adjust his physical condition to the best state possible.

On the other hand, the death of Pitou in the hands of Allan spread like wildfire in the Chimera Ants colony.

In the end, they could only reorganize themselves and try their best to make the queen produce even stronger Ants to fight against humans.

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