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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 215: Training

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(T/N: The author actually forgot about Ponzu!)

Allan returned to the Metropolis without paying attention to the Chimera Ants in the NGL. Gon and Killua realized how weak they were compared to a monster like Pitou.

Therefore, the two of them took the initiative to ask Allan to train them.

Allan agreed without much consideration, which delighted Gon and Killua.

Originally, Allan planned to give Gon and Killua a devil fruit each because he already has three devil fruits on him right now.

The Rubber Rubber fruit, Fleur Fleur fruit, and The Zoan three-headed Dog fruit.

As long as they eat those fruits, Gon and Killua will become stronger. However, considering Gon and Killua’s Nen Abilities, Allan decided not to give them Devil fruits.

He decided to help them develop their own Nen abilities further. For example, Gon’s Nen ability is Jajanken, so Allan suggested that Gon should increase the Jajanken further.

The Jajanken is divided into three parts, The Stone, which belongs to the Enhancement, the Scissor, which is Transmutation. And finally, Paper, which belongs to Emission. Each of those three has its own characteristics and strength.

The Paper is a projectile attack, but it can be easily avoided. The projectile speed and range, along with the power, need improvement.

Otherwise, if Gon encounters a flexible enemy, he won’t be able to land a hit.

Therefore, Allan suggested to Gon that he should increase the Papers’ speed and power.

Gon naturally took this suggestion seriously.

However, it wasn’t simple for Gon, who is an Enhancer, to strengthen an attack that uses Emission.

The Paper is condensed by Nen, and when it gets away from his body, it will weaken gradually.

Therefore, Gon can’t exert 100% of the Paper’s power. At most, he can exert 80% of that power, and this is pushing it.

Under normal circumstances, Gon, who is an Enhancer, can only exert 50 to 60% of the Paper attack.

So, the first thing Gon needs to overcome is mastering the Emission type of Nen, which isn’t an easy task since it requires hard work and great talent.

Next is his Scissor, which can be used as a weapon to defend or attack. It has a sharp edge that can effectively cut his enemies.

The same way as Paper, because Gon is an Enhancer, he can’t use 100% of the Scissor attack.

Therefore, Gon has to improve his mastery over the Transmutation type of Nen.

When he masters the Transmutation, he can even cut steal easily.

Finally, the Stone, which is an Enhancement type Attack, so Gon can exert its full power easily.

However, even his most powerful attack couldn’t even scratch Pitou, which shows that it is still lacking.

The main reason is because of the gap in strength between the two, and this gap can’t be closed for the current Gon.

Therefore, Allan just asked Gon to try raising the Stone’s power.

He set a minimum standard for Gon’s stone power which is creating a deep hole with more than twelve meters radius.

If Gon can do this, then even if he was facing someone stronger than him, he can kill him with one well-placed punch.

Allan will give Gon a year, and after a year, he will check how much he improved.

As for Killua, Allan had nothing to teach him because compared to Gon, Killua has been trained by his family since he was a child and his fighting power is already very high.

So, if Killua wanted to improve, he could only improve his Nen ability.

Killua is a transmuter, and he developed an ability to turn his Nen into an Electric current.

Allan believed that even without his guidance, Killua could become stronger with his aptitude.

Both Gon and Killua were extremely talented. What they lack are time and experience.

If they were given time, they would become extremely strong.

Gon returned to Whale Island to train, and Killua returned to the Zoldyck Family as well. They decided to meet in Heaven’s Arena after a year.

Therefore, after parting with Gon and Killua, Allan went to Heaven’s Arena to have some fun.

He believed that he could definitively meet some interesting people and train further.

As for training… He is already at the peak of the world, and there is no need for systematic training anymore.

Even if he faces the Ant King right now, he is confident that he can kill him.

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