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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 216: Extermination Team

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Allan missed The Heaven’s Arena very much, but at his current level, no one could pose a threat to him.

As the most famous battle place, countless martial artists visited it, so it’s okay to spend some time here.

After several games, Allan won easily every time and no one could stop him.

Even floor masters couldn’t stand in Allan’s win streak.

Just as Allan was getting bored, he received a call from Kite, which surprised him since Gon left Kite and he didn’t expect the latter to take the initiative to contact him.

But thinking about it, Allan could guess that this call had something to do with the Chimera Ants.

‘He is probably asking for help.’ Allan thought.

As he picked the phone, Kite explained that Chairman Netero organized an Extermination team on the Chimera Ants, and all members of the Extermination team were professional Hunters, and Kite was one of them.

As for Chairman Netero, his target is the Chimera Ant’s King.

When Netero heard that the Chimera Ant’s King was very strong, he decided to have a one-on-one battle against him.

In order to provide an opportunity for Netero to fight the King, the other Extermination team members had to contain the King’s Guards and the other Chimera Ants.

However, there is a shortage of manpower as most of the hunters didn’t obey the summon of the association and not many hunters answered the call of the association.

That’s why Kite thought of asking Allan for help.

Allan didn’t immediately agree since it wasn’t a profitable job for him.

“If you are willing to join the Extermination team, then you will be a star hunter after the mission is finished.”

“Star Hunter?” Allan raised his brow slightly.

“A Star Hunter has a higher benefit than ordinary hunters in the association and his status is higher. In short, becoming a star Hunter is every ordinary hunter’s dream in the association.”

Hearing Kite’s words, Allan still didn’t agree directly, but suddenly, he heard the system’s notification echo in his head.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Accept Kite’s request and join the hunter’s Extermination team. Reward: Twelve Paiyun Palm style!”

Allan’s eyes shone as he read the name of the reward.

Paiyun Palm was a set of good martial arts used by Bu Jingun. This move was erratic, elusive, and powerful. Paiyun Plam also uses a unique set of movement skills called Cloud Trace Phantom.

Although Allan possesses a decent number of skills, he didn’t have a set of martial arts.

The reward of the Paiyun Palm style is composed of twelve moves.

After thinking for a bit, Allan accepted Kite’s request and decided to join the hunter’s Extermination team and go to the NGL.

Two days later, Allan arrived at the border of the NGL, and after going through the formalities, he officially entered the NGL.

This was Allan’s second time here, but he didn’t feel any special feelings. If he had something to say, it would be that this place is very beautiful.

Soon after entering the NGL, Allan saw Kite, with another two people.

One of them was a burly man carrying a big pipe. The other was wearing glasses and looked gentle.

“Those two are Knov, and Morel Machernasey from the Hunter Association. We are the members of the extermination team.”

Allan nodded, even without Kite’s introduction, he knew Knov and Morel.

“By the way, where’s Chairman Netero?” Allan asked.

“Chairman is getting ready before the birth of the Ant King.” Kite explained.

To be Honest, Netero was strong, but Allan knew that he wasn’t the Ant King’s opponent.

Of course, defeating and killing the Ant King is a different matter.

Netero should’ve already placed Poor Man’s Rose in his heart.

Once he can’t defeat the ant king, Netero will stop his own heart and die together with the Ant King.

Poor Man’s Rose had super radiation that even the Ant King can’t bear.

“Allan, how are Gon and Killua?” Kite couldn’t help asking.

Allan simply told Kite that both of them are going through some special training without revealing much.

At this moment, Morel said: “Allan, I heard that you killed a monster-level Chimera Ant earlier?”

Faced with the gazes from Morel and Knov, Allan glanced at Kite, who should’ve been the one who told them before he shrugged and said: “I did, but…”

“I heard that Kite said that the monster you killed is one of the King’s guards, right?” Morel asked again.

“Well, as far as I know, it was.” Allan nodded.

“Well, please forgive me, but can you tell us the specifications of this matter.”

Knov asked in a suspicious tone.

“What do you mean?” Allan asked.

“Why do you know that there is three King’s guard? The Chimera Ants are numbered in the tens of thousands, right? How can you tell how many monsters there are? Isn’t it something only they should know? Also, you said there is a king that will be born in the Chimera Ants, and this King is the most powerful, stronger than even the three guards. I want to ask as a human, why do you know so much about the Chimera Ants?”

Faced with Knov’s questions, Allan shrugged and said: “Sorry, I can’t explain, and I’m too lazy to explain even if I can.” Knov didn’t expect such an answer from Allan, in the end, he snorted in displeasure at Allan’s attitude.

“Allan, there are eight members of the Extermination Team, including both of us. Each two forms a team. Morel and Knov are a team, and you’re teamed with Gel.”

“Gel?” Allan asked a little confused, as he didn’t hear this name before.

“She’s a member of twelve Zodiacs, a Poison hunter that the Chairman invited to join the extermination Team.” Kite explained.

“Oh, it turns out she is one of the twelve Zodiacs, where is she?” Allan asked.

“She is currently, in a village ahead, about fifty kilometers away. I believe with your speed, you will be there in less than an hour.”

“Ok, I will head there first.”

“Allan, our mission is to eliminate all Chimera Ants, except the Ant King as the chairman wanted to fight him alone, I hope you won’t interfere.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t interfere. Moreover, the Ant king is very strong, to be honest, even if chairman Netero was in his prime, it will be difficult for him to beat the king.”

“What do you mean?”

“I have already said everything I want to say, I will go ahead now.”

After saying, this, Allan used Flash Steps and moved toward the village 50 Kilometers away to meat Gel.

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