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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 217: Gel from the twelve Zodiacs

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Half an hour later, Allan arrived at the village fifty Kilometers away.

The village wasn’t attacked by the Chimera Ants, because it was in the outskirt of the NGL.

From this; we can conclude that the scope of the Chimera Ants in the NGL was very limited.

After entering the village, Allan stopped in front of a few villages and said: “I’m here to find Gel.” Allan directly said.

“Oh, it turns out that you’re here for Miss Gel, but she isn’t here right now.”

“Where did she go?” Allan asked.

“She went east. She said she wanted to take a look at the NGl.” The villager replied.

Allan nodded: “Okay, thank you.”

“I heard that Ants that can eat people appeared in the NGL, is that true?”

The villager was obviously referring to the Chimera Ants. Although he wasn’t sure, he heard such a rumor quite a bit recently.”

Allan didn’t want to cause mass panic, but he still didn’t hide this fact: “Yes, they are called Chimera Ants, and they already attacked many villages.”

Hearing this, the villagers became nervous, but Allan reassured them: “Don’t worry, the Chimera Ants are still deep inside the NGL, and won’t come out for the time being. You can leave the country now and go as far as possible. This matter isn’t resolved yet, so don’t come back until it’s over, do you understand?”

“We understand.” The villagers started packing up and preparing to leave.

After bidding farewell to the villagers, Allan moved toward the NGL.

After two hours, Allan didn’t encounter any Chimera Ant along the way.

That simply meant that the Chimera Ants were eliminated.

Allan used his Observation Haki and En before he traveled ten more kilometers, and suddenly he felt a strong aura deep inside a cave.

This aura didn’t belong to Chimera Ants, but to a human instead.

Just after walking two meters into the cave, he saw a fierce snakehead attacking him.

Allan raised his hand and easily blocked it, before grabbing the snakehead and pulling it forward.

At the end of the snakehead, was a black-haired woman, who was dragged out by Allan’s pull.

When the black-haired woman was dragged out, another snakehead rushed at Allan.

Allan grabbed the other snake’s head before he noticed that those snake hands were the woman’s left and right hands and most likely created by Nen.

Allan said indifferently: “You’re Miss Gel, right? Don’t be impulsive, I’m an ally.” With that said, Allan released the snakeheads in his hands.

Sure enough, the snakehead changed back into normal hands. The black-haired woman stopped her attacks when she heard Allan’s words and looked at Allan carefully.

“Kite asked me to meet you,” Allan said.

“So, you’re Allan.” Gel blinked as she continued: “Kite said you’ve been in the NGL before and wiped out a lot of Chimera Ant as well, is that true?”

“That’s right.” Allan nodded.

“No wonder I didn’t see any of those Ants after a came in.” Gel said.

“I think the Chimera Ants are staying in the depth of the NGL right now,” Allan said.

“Do you know where they hide?” Gel asked.

Allan nodded: “Well, they build a lot of nests deep inside the NGL.”

“Then let’s go over, I haven’t seen what they are like yet.” Gel said.

Allan nodded and walked out of the cave with Gel and said: “Speaking of which, Miss Gel, what did you do in the cave just now?”

Hearing this, Gel subconsciously replied: “I’m looking for…” Before she stopped.

Gel quickly shook her head and said: “Forget it, don’t ask. It’s a personal matter.”

“Okay then, I won’t ask.” Allan didn’t press on the matter.

But looking at Gel, Allan guessed what she was looking for. She probably wanted to go to the bathroom, but there isn’t any in the NGL, so she found the cave.

She also attacked him as soon as he entered, which is just proven his guess, but Allan didn’t embarrass her and just smiled and led the way…

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