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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 218: Alligator

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The NGL was a big place, and reaching its depth would take some time.

When they reached their destination, it was already dark.

“Let’s find someplace to rest, Miss Gel.” Allan glanced at the sky and suggested.

Gel Nodded in response and said: “Okay, I’m a little bit tired after walking for so long.”

“Then let’s find a gave and then eat something,” Allan said.

Soon, a few Kilometers away, Allan found a cave but didn’t enter it immediately.

“What’s wrong?” Gel Asked.

“There is someone there,” Allan whispered.


Allan shook his head: “No, it’s a monster.”

Gel was surprised: “You mean Chimera Ants? Is this a nest of Chimera Ants?”

Allan nodded: “There is more than one ant inside. I think this is where they hide. Like I said before, there are many nests in the NGL.”

“I see, but how did you know that there are Ants inside?” Gel asked curiously.

“Just from their presence.”

“Is that so? You used [En].”

Allan laughed and didn’t refute her words. He used Observation Haki instead of |En].

“What should we do now?” Gel asked.

Allan smiled and said: “We are here on behalf of the Hunter’s Association, so our task is to eliminate those. We’re heading inside.”

Gel Nodded and glanced at Allan with Admiration: “There is only a few Professional Hunter who is as responsible as you are.”

“Let’s go, let’s go!”

Allan raised his head and jumped into the cave first.

Gel quickly followed suit and easily entered the cave.

As soon as they got in, they found several Chimera Ants.

“Take this!”

Gel immediately launched her snake hands and solved the Ants in the blink of an eye.

“Miss Gel is strong indeed.” Allan laughed.

“I’m a member of the Twelve Zodiacs after all. Although I’m not a full-time fighter, I can deal with those easily.” Gel said.

Allan agreed with her without saying anything.

At this time, an angry voice roared: “Despicable Humans, you dare break into my territory!!”

Allan looked at the Angry Chimera Ant and judging from its aura, this is a Squadron Leader level.

The division leader himself was a little surprised by seeing humans here because a human would’ve been eaten before reaching this place.

But in the next second, his face was filled with greed as he said: “I’m very hungry, so let me fill my stomach with both of you. Humans are my favorite food.”

Hearing this, Gel snorted coldly: “It’s really ugly, let me deal with it quickly.”

When she said this, Gel’s hands turned into snakes and attacked the Squadron Leader.

The commander is called Alligator because he had an alligator’s head and was two meters tall.

The snakes bit Alligator quickly, but Gel’s expression changed slightly: “What?”

She saw that the Snake’s fangs couldn’t pierce through the Alligator’s armor.

“His skin is too thick.” Gel said

“Hmph, I’m invulnerable amongst the Squadron Leaders. A human can’t break through my armor.”

Alligator said proudly.

Gel snorted coldly and said: “Although I can’t break through your armor, I can do another kind of attack right?”

“What are you talking about?” Alligator felt something wrong and in the next second, his face changed.

“What’s wrong with me? What’s going on?”

Alligator was surprised to find the part that was bitten previously was paralyzed.

“I’m a poison Hunter, all of my attacks are highly toxic. You were bitten by my snakes previously, so the poison penetrated your skin and mixed with your blood already.

You will feel your body slowly turning numb until your blood completely Coagulate.”

“What?” Alligator widened his eyes when he heard Gel’s words and became angry.

“What are you talking about? I’m a squadron leader, how can mere poison affect me.”

A powerful aura radiated from the Alligator and used the air pressure to contain the poison.

“I’m free again, and I don’t feel numb anymore. Although this made me use some of my power, I still have enough to kill you two.”

“Damn it, he can still do that, is he a monster?” Gel’s expression turned serious.

She had to admit, the Chimera Ant in front of her was strong.

The Poison she used can take down ten elephants.

At this moment, Allan said: “Miss Gel, let me deal with this small character.”

“Are you sure?” Gel asked.

“Um.” Allan nodded.

“How dare you say that I’m a small character?! Damn it, I will make you regret your words.”

Allan dodged the Alligator’s attack then used Paiyun Palm.

The first attack flows like water and renders the enemy defenseless.

The Alligator was beaten to the ground, however, his armor was indeed very strong, as Allan couldn’t kill him in a second.

However, the several palms he threw already crushed the viscera of the Alligator.

“Armament: hardening!”

On the final blow, Allan directly used Haki and punched the Alligator’s head.

Seeing Allan killing the Alligator in seconds, Gel looked at him with surprise and the admiration couldn’t be concealed from her face.

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