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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 224: Underground

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On the other side, inside an underground cave.

Pouf and Youpi looked expectantly at the Chimera Ant in front of them. This is the Queen, and at this moment, the King was inside the Queen’s belly.

“You two, listen up. The name of the King is Meruem, he will be born in three hours. You must protect this place so he can be born without any trouble.”

“Yes, we swear we’ll protect this place.” Pouf and Youpi knelt on one knee as they swore.

At the same time, on the ground, 100 meters away from the cave, Allan and the other members of the Extermination team were trying their best to locate the place where the king’s guards were hiding.

“Strange, have they left the NGL?”

After searching for a long time, Neither Kite nor Morel found any trace of the Ants.

Allan thought for a bit before he said: “It’s possible, but I think they shouldn’t have left yet.”

“Why do you say that?” Kite asked.

“Because the Ant’s King is probably not born yet, so they probably didn’t leave yet.” Allan guessed.

“How can you be sure that the Ant King hasn’t been born yet? What if he is already born?”

“From what I know about the Ant King, if he was born, I should’ve felt his presence,” Allan said seriously.

Hearing this, Kite nodded.

Based on his knowledge about Allan’s strength, Allan wasn’t just talking.

Moreover, if the Ant king is stronger than Pitou, then his aura would be extremely powerful and can’t be hidden, so if the Ant King was born, all of them would feel his aura.

“But, if they are still in this place, why can’t we find them? We almost looked over the entire NGL. Did they run away?” Morel’s apprentice said.

“Runaway?” Allan thought of something and his eyes lit up: “Maybe they aren’t on the ground, but underground.”


Everyone looked surprised.

“Do you think they are hiding underground?” Morel asked.

“Well, at present, this is the only possibility, otherwise, we might not be able to find them.”

“What do we do now?” Menchi asked.

“I think we can just look separately,” Knov suggested.

“No.” Allan shook his head.

“Why?” Know asked.

“Let’s not talk about the Ant King, the guards alone are very strong, if you fight alone, none of you will be able to defeat them. In other words, if we separate, and they found one of us, we will be defeated one by one.”

Hearing this, Knov said: “We are experienced professional Hunters, even if we can’t beat them, we can always escape.”

“Escape?” Allan sneered: “I’m afraid that when you see one, you won’t even have a choice to escape. No, you might not even have the courage to fight at all.”

Hearing this, Knov angrily said: “What do you mean? Do I look like a coward to you?”

“Yes, you are, what can you do?” Allan sneered.


Knov couldn’t bear it and kicked Allan, but the latter easily blocked it. Suddenly, Allan appeared behind Knov and before he could react, he was sent flying.

Morel and the other who was relatively close to Knov immediately attacked Allan, the three of them rushed forward, but couldn’t touch Allan.

The three of them were sent flying almost at the same time and fell to the ground.

“You can see this, you guys aren’t that strong. Although the King’s Guards can’t kill you instantly, they won’t have any problem in beating you. And if you talk about the Ant king, you four will be dead before you know it, because based on speed, the Ant King is faster than me. Do you see how strong your enemy is?”

Morel and Knov looked ugly, but they couldn’t find any word to refute.

They couldn’t believe that Allan could defeat them so easily. The power gap was something they didn’t expect.

At the scene, only the kite who previously saw Allan’s power, and Gel weren’t surprised. Because the two of them were clear about Allan’s power.

Gel looked at Allan and said: “Allan, forget it, don’t be so mean.”

As Allan’s girlfriend, Gel was on Allan’s side.

Allan nodded and looked at Kite, Satotz, Menchi and said: “What about you guys?”

“We will do what you say,” Kite said.

Satotz didn’t comment.

Menchi and Buhara didn’t object.

“So, now we start to search for any underground cave and the likes. The Ant King and his guards are likely hiding underground.

In addition, while searching, remember to constantly use [En] and keep your distance to about forty to fifty meters.”

Kite and the others nodded their head in agreement and each started using [En].

Amongst them, Kite’s [En] reach forty-five meters, and Satotz reached twenty meters.

Menchi and Buhara were about twelve meters. As for Knov and Morel, after being defeated by Allan, they were finally convinced by his power and obediently started to search the ground below.

Allan left Gel by his side as the two started searching.

Allan didn’t use [En], instead used Observation Haki and made sure that nothing that can move within a thousand meters can escape his perception.

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