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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 225: Appearance

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Inside the NGL, Kite and the other in the Extermination team followed Allan’s instruction and carefully searched below them for any Ants.

Everyone kept a distance of forty to fifty meters to cover a larger area. If one of them had an accident, the others can provide support quickly.

At the same time, in a cave 100 meters below the ground.

“It’s time, My King is finally getting born.”

The Queen looked at her bulging belly in excitement despite the pain she was feeling.

It was painful but she was still happy.

On the other side, Pouf and Youpi were also waiting excitedly for their king.

They firmly believe that as long as the king is born, humans won’t have any chance to survive.

It’s because of this that they didn’t mind the subordinates that were sacrificed.

They can ignore soldiers’ death because as long as the king is here, the Chimera Ants won’t go extinct.

At this moment, Pouf and Youpi were suddenly surprised.

“This is… The aura of humans?” You wondered.

He raised his head and looked at the top of the cave.

Pouf nodded: “That’s right, that’s the aura of humans, right above us on the surface.”

Both of them felt the aura 100 meters above at the same time.

“It seems like our remaining forces were wiped out by them.”

Youpi said seriously.

“Even those Squadron leaders were wiped out?”

“Who knows, maybe they escaped.” Pouf sneered. He didn’t trust the Squadron Leaders anyway.

Pouf said: “Now, we’re the only two capable of protecting the king and the Queen, Youpi.”

“We are more than enough.” Youpi grinned: “We must let those humans know that they can’t compare to our powers.”

“Youpi, you’re stronger than me, so go up and deal with them first. I will wait here for the king to be born.” Pouf said.

Although those humans won’t find the cave underground, it’s a matter of time before they do.

As the king’s guards, their duty was to protect the king and eliminate all threats.

Furthermore, being forced into their current circumstances by the human, made them unable to bear with the humiliation anymore.

“I will go kill them,” Youpi said with a gloomy face.

Pouf remembered something and said: “Youpi, remember to bring their bodies back here so the king can eat them, we mustn’t waste nutrition.”

Youpi nodded: “Well, I will deal with them and bring them back for the king to enjoy.”

“Everything depends on you. Also, even though your opponents are humans, don’t underestimate them. You must take them seriously.” Pouf reminded.

“I know, just wait for my good news.”

After saying this, a pair of wings surged from Youpi’s back.

Youpi directly flew high toward the surface as fast as he can.

At this time, Kite was seriously searching for any trace of Ants, while Allan and Gel were on the side.

Allan stared at the cliff in front of him and focused his Observation Haki to take a look.

“This is it, they are here,” Allan said.

“You mean, they are hiding there?” Gel was shocked.

Allan nodded: “I already felt their presence, they’re below.”

“What do we do now?” Gel asked.

Allan thought for a while and said: “You go tell the others; I will make them come out.”
“Ok.” Gel nodded and left.

Allan took out Shusui and slashed downward.

A mighty Energy Slash rushed straight into the abyss.

Youpi who was rushing up, encountered the flying slash on the way, was directly slashed by it as he was unprepared.

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