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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 226: Fight

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Allan stared sharply at the abyss in front of him.

He just saw a bright light from below.

“Did I hit him?”

Allan narrowed his eyes, trying to lock into his target.

Youpi who was hit by the energy slash fell and couldn’t resist its might quickly.

But Youpi’s physical strength was immense so, in the end, he stopped the slash, but despite this, he still receive some injuries.

Although the injuries were not severe, the mere thought that a human injured him made him furious.


With an angry shout, Youpi’s Aura rose sharply as he spread his wings.

At the same time, Allan felt the strong Aura coming from below and said: “Here he comes.”

In the next second, a figure rushed up from the abyss and appeared in front of Allan.

Allan recognized him at a glance.

“Human, was it you who attacked me just now?” Seeing Allan, Youpi asked immediately.

“Yes, it was me,” Allan admitted directly.

“I’m going to kill you!” Youpi gritted his teeth as he looked at Allan.


Allan hooked his finger in provocation.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Single-handedly kills Youpi. Reward: Rumble Rumble fruit.]

[2: Retreat temporarily and seek support. Reward: Fire release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet.]

Naturally, Allan’s choice was the first option.

Allan wouldn’t retreat facing danger.

As for finding support, Allan didn’t need them or want to rely on anyone.

He is very confident in his strength and even if the Ant king was his opponent he would face him alone, not to mention Youpi.

Allan looked at Youpi and said: “Come on, show me what you got.”

“Damn human, I will kill you.”

Youpi fluttered his wings and he swooped down from the air with an angry face, preparing to punch Allan.

“Armament: Hardening!”

Allan’s fist turned black and threw a punch back.

The shockwave from the collision was astonishing.


Youpi’s eyes widened he didn’t expect Allan’s power to be his equal.


Youpi punched again, and this time he used almost all of his strength.

“Bring it on.”

Allan didn’t evade at all, his black fist directly collided with Youpi’s fist.

Sparks flew from the collision between their fists.

“He blocked it again.”

Youpi’s eyes widened as he couldn’t believe what happened.

“Impossible, how could a mere human being have such power to even match my strength…”

“That’s reality.” Allan sneered: “The humans you look down upon are far more powerful than you think.”

“Damn it.”

Youpi couldn’t accept that he can’t match a human’s strength.

His aura erupted around him as he launched a fierce attack.

Allan sneered and met his attack without fear. The top-level Armament Haki covered his body, making it seem like steel.

No, it was harder than steel.

At the foot of the mountain, the other members of the extermination team felt two very powerful Aura and couldn’t help ask.

“What is this Aura? And there are two of them, who has such strength?” Knov asked incredulously.

Knov didn’t feel such a strong power before and it was beyond his imagination: “I’m afraid that even Chairman Netero doesn’t have such a strong Aura, right?”

The power they felt was so strong that it shook his very soul, making him have no courage to face such a foe.

Morel calmed down, but cold sweat appeared on his forehead, as he solemnly looked at the top of the mountain and said: “If I guessed correctly, one of those two is a Chimera Ant, and the other is familiar, and it belongs to…”

“Allan.” Kite next to him replied, with his eyes looking at the mountain in the distance.

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