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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 233: Boundary

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A day later, Pouf was flying away from the NGL along with his king. They crossed the borders and came to a close human settlement.

Rosario was a small country bordering the NGL with a population of 5 million.

Pouf said: “My King, the area ahead is full of humans, should we go down?”

The Ant King thought for a bit then said: “Let’s just go to the leader of this place directly, I will create a base here, and the first thing we should do is destroy their commander.”

“Yes.” Pouf replied.

After half an hour, they arrived at the capital and lanced outside the palace.

“Who are you?”

The guards patrolling the palace soon discovered the strange creatures.

From outside, Pouf looked almost human except for his wings.

But the King was different, he looked nothing like a human.

“Stop for me, if you don’t, we will shoot.”

Facing the guard’s warning, Pouf and the Ant King continued forward as if they heard nothing.


The captain gave orders and the other guards immediately pulled the trigger.

One after the other, they launched a fierce attack on Pouf and the Ant King.

Ordinary people would’ve turned into sieves with the number of bullets shot, but Pouf and the Ant King didn’t mind the bullets since they did nothing.

“Is this the power of the human’s technology? It’s not that good.”

“That’s because you’re strong, my king, if others were hit, they would’ve died.” Pouf flattered.

In an instant, the guards died under the King’s hand.

“My King, they are all fresh meat.”

“No, I feel that there is a stronger life energy in the palace, that’s what I need.” After saying this, the Ant king walked into the palace.

Pouf could guess that the people with a stronger life force that the King was talking about were the Nen users.

On the way to the palace, the guards were eliminated one after the other by the king.

They couldn’t even hinder him for a second.

When they reached their destination, a strong man appeared in front of them.

“You dare come here and cause a ruckus, you’re looking for death!”

“My king, this guy’s life energy is strong.”

“I can see that.” The Ant King said.

The man was the strongest bodyguard in the palace.

“Bring it on!”

The man shouted as he punched the Ant King.

However, his fist was easily blocked by the Ant King.

“Too weak.”

The King swept his tail and cut off the man’s hand before he ate it.

After eating the hand, his strength increased. It was the King’s innate ability. He gets stronger when eating life energy.

After the Ant King finished his meal, he killed the leader of the country.

On the other hand, Pouf was busy preparing food for his King which consisted of 50 people each day.

Ten days passed after that.

The Ant King was getting stronger day by day due to his ability.

“Pouf, beside you, what happened to the other guards?” The Ant King suddenly asked.

“My king, the queen made a total of three guards, besides me, there are another two called Neferpitou, and Menthuthuyoupi However, the humans killed them before my king was born.”

“How strong were they?”

“Stronger than me, my specialty isn’t fighting, but supporting.”

“Two guards stronger than you were killed by the humans?”


“Are the humans so strong?”

These days, the Ant King saw many humans, but there is no one of them that was strong.

Faced with the King’s doubt, Pouf explained: “Amongst the humans, there is a special kind called Nen users. They have strong life energy and various abilities. The guy who killed Neferpitou and Menthuthuyoupi was very strong and most likely, the same person killed both.”

Hearing this, the King started thinking, and after a while, he said: “I really want to fight against that human. I want to see how strong this human is.”

“My King, I guess he will come here when he knows we are here.”

“Why are you so sure?” The Ant King asked.

“Because humans are repulsive to the Chimera Ants, they don’t want other creatures to appear on their land, so they want to destroy us.” Pouf said.

“So that’s the case, the same with us as we want to wipe them out when we see them.”

“So, my king, do I let the outside world know we are here?” Pouf asked.

“No, they will find us sooner or later anyway. When they come, I will eat them all.” Said the Ant King.

The Ant King suddenly remembered something and asked: “Beside the guards, are there other Chimera Ants?”

“Basically, when we were in the NGL, the humans wiped the others out. Most of the rest should’ve escaped.” Pouf guessed.

“We don’t have enough manpower now. If we can, we will find those who escaped.” Said the Ant King.

“My King, since they ran away in the first place, it means they aren’t trustful and fear death. Do we need to find those guys?” Pouf asked.

“After all, we are short of manpower now, and the Queen is useless, we can only find those former subordinates.” Said the Ant King.

“Well, then, I will go look for them, my King, if they won’t come back and defy your orders, I will kill them.” Pouf said.

“Well, go then. I will be waiting for your good news here.” The Ant King said.

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