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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 256: Promotion

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Seeing the Floor master die from a single move in Allan’s hands, the 230th Floor’s master rushed angrily and activated his Nen ability.

Suddenly a big sword appeared in his hand and it burst into flames instantly.

The Nen used to conjure the sword had a fire property added to it, making the blade lit on fire.

Allan didn’t move and decisively activated his Ice Fruit power countering the flame and freezing the blade instantly.


Seeing this, the 230th floor’s master cried in shock.

Allan didn’t let this chance go and attacked.

Ice Age!

Immediately, the entire arena froze and the three-floor masters turned into ice sculptures.

Allan broke the sculptures directly without waiting.

[Ding! You killed four Floor Masters and completed the task. You received a reward: Specialist Nen ability: Decompose.]

Through decomposition, the attribute or abilities of the target can be obtained.

Allan was extremely satisfied with this ability.

However, this Ability had its limits as well, as not all things can be decomposed.

Moreover, even if he successfully decomposed something, the power he will receive will be limited.

On the other side, Killua and Gon’s matches were raging like fire.

After Allan finished his game, he watched the two of them at the same time on TV.

The two of them competed at the same time, Gon’s opponent was the 229th-floor master, he was also an enhancer like Gon.

Gon’s ability, the Jajanken, has improved very much in the last training he went through on Whale island.

After a fierce fight, Gon finally defeated his opponent and became the floor Master of the 229th floor.

Killua’s opponent was the 238th-floor master, who was an emitter.

At this time, Killua mastered his transmutation ability and can change his Nen into electric current easily and with it, he developed a series of moves, such as lightning palm, thunderbolt, and whirlwind.

Killua defeated his opponent without any surprise there and replaced him as the 238th-floor master.

Since Allan killed four Floor Masters, he was made the 250th-floor master while he was the floor master of the 249th floor before.

The floor master of the 250th floor was angry at being replaced and challenged Allan to take back his place.

Allan was naturally not afraid of him, and after three days, the match between the two started.

This floor master is called Abyss, he was completely covered in black and only his eyes could be seen.

Both Gon and Killua were at the stands watching the match.

In addition to them, several floor masters also came to watch the fight.

After all, this was a match between two of the strongest in The Heaven’s Arena.

The audience exceeded 10,000 on-site and of site, more than 100,000 viewers off-site.

The battle was highly anticipated.

Abyss just wanted to defeat Allan and regain his place on the 250th floor. As for Allan, he won’t just let go of his status, but he also wanted to see how strong Abyss was.

Above the ring, Abyss activated his Nen.

Immediately, a large amount of black mist gashed out of his body.

In the blink of an eye, the black mist covered the entire arena and enveloped Allan as well.

For a while, the audience could see nothing of the battle on the stage.

On the ring, Allan who was shrouded in black mist was also unable to see anything with his eyes.

As for Abyss, he took advantage of this and waited for an opportunity to launch a surprise attack at Allan.

Allan didn’t move at all, although he can’t see with his eyes, it didn’t mean he can’t see where Abyss was.

However, Allan wasn’t in a hurry, he quietly used his Observation Haki.

In an instant, he locked into Abyss.

“El Thor!”

Allan opened his hand and a bolt of lightning slammed into the abyss’s body.

Abyss screamed as the black mist disappeared.

The power of the Rumble fruit already bombarded him without giving him a chance to attack.

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