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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 258: Departure

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Netero looked at Gon and Killua intently and said: “If you want to follow Allan, this old man needs to test your power”

Hearing this Gon and Killua nodded at the same time and said: “No problem.”

“Now, release your Nen and let me see how far have you got in your training,” Netero ordered.

Gon and Killua looked at each other and then released their Nen in a horse stance.

Immediately, their Nen burst out of their body like flames.

Netero smiled slightly and said: “Yes, it seems like you two have indeed become stronger. From your Nen, I can feel your vitality.

The vitality symbolizes youth, something this old man lacks.”

“Yes, after all, you’re over a hundred years old already,” Killua commented.

“Chairman, now that you’ve seen our power, can we follow along?” Gon asked with expectation.

“Since you want to tag along, then you can come.” Netero agreed.

Seeing Netero agreeing, Allan said: “Chairman, it shouldn’t be too late, so let’s go now.”

Netero nodded and said: “Well, The airship should be prepared outside, let’s take it and go.”

“Good.” Allan agreed.

Originally, he intended to conjure the flying dragon directly, but since there is an airship, that’s better.

On the airship, Allan said: “Chairman, where is the Ant King right now?”

Netero replied: “According to reports from Kite and Morel, the Ant King is in a place called Republic of East Gorteau.”

“Republic of East Gorteau?”

Netero said: “It’s a small country, its leader is named Ming Jol-it.

According to our investigations, Gorteau’s army was completely wiped out, even its commander, Ming Jol-it, is dead. The Ant King is in charge of that place right now.”

Hearing this, Allan frowned slightly: “It seems that the Chimera Ants that were almost eliminated by me in the NGL were revived again under the leadership of the Ant King.

I don’t know how many they have right now or how far they multiplied.”

“This time, we must eliminate them,” Netero said.

After more than ten hours of flying, Allan and his team arrived at their destination.

Allan, Netero, Gon, and Killua, descended from the airship.

“Where are we?” Killua asked after looking around.

“This is the forest at the border of the republic of east Gorteau,” Netero replied.

“Where are Kite and the others right now?” Gon asked.

Netero took out a map and handed it to Allan and said: “This is Gorteau’s map, Kite and the others are currently hiding here.” Netero pointed at a town on the map.

“In that case, we should rush over and join them,” Killua said.

Allan looked at the map and said: “There are two routes from here to that town, one is from the mountain, and the other is following this river.

If we take the mountain’s road, we must pass through various towns on the way.

The entire trip is about 350 Kilometers, if we walk, we’ll need two days to get there. If we speed up, we can cover the distance in a day, and going at full speed, it will take half a day.”

Netero said: “Let’s take the mountain road, let speed up a little and try to get there by tomorrow night.”

“Then again, why don’t we just go there with the airship?” Gon asked in confusion.

“Kite reported that the Chimera Ants controlled most of the country, if we use the airship, we will be spotted easily.

Therefore, we need to take this path ourselves as to not draw the enemy’s attention to us.”

Gon nodded and stopped asking.

Allan said: “Then, let’s set off now, I will take the lead.”

The group of four started moving toward their destination.

“When passing through any urban areas, if there are Chimera Ant’s Nest, we destroy them as quickly as possible,” Allan said.

Netero replied: “For me to fight the ant king, I need to save as much energy as possible, Gon and Killua can deal with those soldiers.”

“No problem!” Killua and Gon nodded eagerly at the same time since they wanted to fight as soon as possible.

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