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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 259: Surprise Attack

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After two hours, Allan and his group arrived at a city in the north of Gorteau.

It was 3 Am, and the entire city was shrouded in darkness.

“Strange, why is there no one here?” On the road, Gon couldn’t help wondering.

It wasn’t just Gon who had his doubt, but the other three as well.

Although it’s late, humans should be asleep at this time, but Allan and the other didn’t feel anything from the buildings at the moment.

The city seemed dead.

Allan looked at Netero and said: “Either they were all killed, or the Chimera Ants took them as live stocks.”

“Allan in all, let’s meet Kite and Morel. They should be familiar with the current situation.” Netero said.

At this moment, Killua who was paying attention to the movement ahead, said: “They’re here, the Chimera Ants.”

Allan and the others looked and saw a group of Chimera Ants from the corner of the street ahead.

But they were just ordinary Soldiers without any strong ones.

“What do we do?” Killua asked.

“Of course, we kill them.” Gon said.

“Killua, you deal with those soldiers, and Gon, stay around and help if it’s needed,” Allan instructed.

“No problem.” Killua nodded.

Gon was puzzled: “Why don’t I attack as well?”

“It’s just a dozen of those ants, Killua should be enough to deal with them, you preserve your energy for later,” Allan explained.

Hearing this, Gon didn’t complain: “I understand, Killua, go ahead and deal with them.”

“Well, I will deal with them quickly.”

In the next second, Killua activated his Godspeed, and his whole body flushed with the electric current before he disappeared.

The Chimera Ants patrolling just noticed Killua in front of them.

“The Snake Awakens!”

With the help of Godspeed, Allan displayed one of the Zoldyck Family’s Assassination Technique as he waved his hands and dismantled the Chimera Ants.

It only took Killua ten seconds to get close to the Chimera Ants and kill them.

“Impressive” Gon said with admiration.

“Hahaha, Killua’s Nen Ability looks good. He turns his Nen into Electric current, quickening his movement and reflex, coupled with the Zoldyck’s assassination techniques, makes it even more dangerous.” Netero laughed.

“It’s really good.” Allan smiled with satisfaction at Killua’s performance.

After solving the Chimera ants, the four continued to advance.

Not long after, they encountered another patrol team.

“Let’s do the same, Killua, you deal with them,” Allan said.

In the next second, Killua attacked the patrol team and killed them without giving them a chance to report back.

Just as they were about to continue forward, an angry roar sounded.

“You intruders, stop!”

The four stopped and looked at the source of the sound.

At the end of the street, a monster with a human face blocked its way.

Behind the monster, there were thirty or forty Chimera Ants.

“It looks like a big fish is here,” Netero said.

“It’s a pity that they aren’t strong enough for me to make a move.”

“Looking at that guy’s aura, it should be a Squadron Leader. Killua, same rules, go deal with him.” Allan said.

“Is it a Squadron Leader? No problem then.” Killua stood up, ready for action.

At this moment, Gon stood up and said: “Killua, leave it to me this time.”

Hearing this, Killua looked at Allan asking for his opinion.

Allan nodded and said: “No problem, Gon has also become stronger. Since he wants to deal with them, let him do so.”

“Well, Gon, you can destroy this Squadron Leader and I will deal with the ant soldiers.” Killua shrugged.

“Here I go.”

Gon directly released his Nen and rushed forward.

Killua followed behind.

Netero was enjoying the show in front of him.

“Well, this is good.” Netero laughed.

When Gon and Killua rushed forward, the Squadron Leader shouted angrily: “Intruders, I will kill you.”

The Squadron Leader released his Nen and attacked. The aftermath of the fight destroyed all the buildings on the side.

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