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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 260: Forward

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After a few minutes of fighting, Gon gained the upper hand and firmly suppressed the Squadron Leader.

“Gon, end the battle,” Killua said not far away with dozen Chimera Ants corpses around him.

Gon nodded and said: “Then, I will end the fight in the next attack.”

Gon took his Jajanken stance.

As a large amount of Nen poured into his fist, dazzling light exploded out of it as he punched the Squadron Leader

The Squadron leader could do nothing and he was punched and exploded.

“Gon, you’re Jajanken is something,” Killua said.

“Killua, you’re too fast yourself.” Gon complimented.

“Okay, you two, don’t start inflating your ego, we should move ahead,” Allan said.

Allan and his party continued on their way.

After half an hour, they passed the city and moved toward the next town.

After reaching another city, Allan activated his Observation Haki, covering one kilometer.

Even if someone is hiding in the building, he can’t escape Allan’s detection.

Soon enough, Allan discovered a group of Ants inside a building.

Not only that, there are humans inside as well.

“Follow me.”

Allan walked toward one of the buildings.

Gon, Killua, and Netero followed behind.

Soon, Allan found the group of Chimera Ants, with humans locked inside iron cages with hundreds of bones piled up outside.

Around the hall, thirty or forty Chimera ants were gnawing on the bones.

Seeing this, Allan snorted and activated his Rumble Fruit and fried the ants

“Damned human being, who are you?” An angry voice sounded as a Chimera Ant glared at Allan.

The Ant didn’t wait for a response as he condensed Nen on his horns and attacked with a beam.

In the next second, an energy beam turned black and headed toward Allan.

Allan snorted coldly as he pointed his finger ahead.

“Thirty million volt, Vari!”

A lightning bolt collided with the energy beam overpowered it and blasted at the Ant’s body.

The Chimera Ant’s horn was destroyed and the lightning killed him.

There were still survivors in the city, and only a few days ago did the Ants arrive here.

They put the humans in iron cages and ate them one by one.

If Allan and the others didn’t come here soon, all the humans would’ve been eaten.

Allan guessed that the last city encountered the same situation here and they were late to save anyone.

They were either eaten or locked up and transported away.

As for where they were transported, it should be to the Ant King.

After all, as their king, the Chimera ants had to give part of their spoils to him.

At this time, Gon, Killua, and Netero rushed over.

Allan explained what he found and then walked out of the building.

“Let’s keep going.”

“What about those people?” Gon asked.

“We still have things to do, we can’t take them away, let them leave by themselves. I dealt with the Chimera Ants here anyway.”

Gon didn’t complain as he looked at the rescued humans and said: “This country has been occupied by monsters, you should run away and don’t come back.”

The party continued forward and soon passed another city.

The same happened here as a large number of residents were captured and locked up, or were already eaten.

This time, Allan didn’t make a move himself, he just let Gon and Killua deal with the Ants.

The two cooperated. Killua would deal with the soldiers and Gon would deal with the squadron leader.

Killua was faster, so he can deal with the soldiers quickly, while Gon would deal with the Squadron Leader with a well-placed punch.

After that, the party continued forward to the next city, and the process continued as they eliminated the Chimera Ants on their way till they join and Kite and Morel, then attack the Ant King.

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