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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 261: Meeting

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When dawn broke, Allan and his party reached the last town before joining with Kite and his group.

However, as soon as they reached this town, they were surrounded.

There were more than 400 Chimera Ants stationed there, including four squadron leaders.

At this moment, each squadron leader led a hundred chimera ants and surrounded Allan’s party.

The Chimera Ant leading this operation was sitting in the rear.

If Allan and the others moved forward, they need to deal with the Chimera Ant soldiers.

“Hehe, do you want this old man to take action?” Netero asked

When he saw the Chimera Ant’s number, he suggested dealing with them himself.

Allan shook his head indifferently and said: “Gon, Killua, Chairman, don’t do anything, I will deal with them in an instant.”

“Oh? How will you do that?” Netero was a little curious.

“To get rid of the Chimera Ants Soldiers quickly, you would need a strong long-ranged attack like my grandfather’s Dragon Head or my father’s explosion orbs,” Killua said.

“I’ll freeze them,” Allan said lightly.

“Freeze them? Can you do it?” Netero exclaimed in surprise.

“No problem,” Allan said seriously. “When I count to three, jump to avoid being frozen.”

“Understood.” Gon and the others replied.

When Allan said three, Gon, Netero, and Killua jumped up.

Allan directly activated his Devil Fruit and said coolly: “Ice Age.”

In the next second, with Allan as the center, five kilometers of land froze.

The Chimera Ants surrounding them, along with the leaders didn’t have time to react as they froze.

“Wow, that’s amazing, everything froze in an instant.”

Netero and the other landed on the ground and were amazed by Allan’s power.

“Let’s continue,” Allan said nonchalantly.

The group continued toward the next town and after three hours, they arrived at Kite and his party’s location.

“Where’s Kite and the others?” Gon asked.

“Well, we may need to search for them, this old man isn’t sure,” Netero replied.

“Chairman, besides Kite, who are the others joining us?” Killua asked.

“Beside Kite, there are Morel, and his student, partner Knov, along with his students, Knuckle and Shoot. There are also the food hunter Menchi, and Buhara. Oh, there is also one of the twelve zodiacs.”

Killua commented: “So, there are eight people on Kite’s side now, and four on our side, in total there are twelve. Twelve people going to destroy the Chimera Ants and their king, is there any chance of winning?”

“I don’t know, probably fifty percent chance.”

“As long as the King is killed, the other ants won’t matter,” Allan explained.

“That’s right, but the Ant King should be very strong, can Chairman deal with it alone?” Killua asked.

“Don’t worry Killua, if the chairman can’t do it, there is Allan.” Gon said.

“Oh, you’re right.” Killua nodded and wasn’t worried anymore.

“Let’s look for Kite and the others now,” Allan said.

“This place is quite big; it won’t be easy to find them,” Netero said.

“Let me do it.”

Allan released his Observation Haki, covering over two kilometers with his at the center…

Allan suddenly found a few Auras, but it seems like they belonged to the same person.

The next second, Allan saw dozens of White Humanoid objects appear around them.

“Well, those are?”

“That’s morel’s Nen Ability, Purple Haze Soldiers.” Netero recognized it at a glance.

“Which means, Morel is nearby.”

Sure enough, Allan soon felt familiar auras coming toward them.

“They’re coming,” Allan said.

Soon, a tall figure rushed over which was Morel.

“Chairman?” Seeing Netero, Morel was stunned for a moment, then laughed: “Haha, chairman, you’re finally here.”

“Morel, where are Kite and the others,” Netero asked.

“Kite is In Knov’s four-dimensional mansion, He is injured,” Morel said.

“Injured?” Morel’s words made Netero and the others frown.

“How did Kite get injured, is it serious?” Gon asked.

“He is injured from fighting the Chimera Ants, and he didn’t wake up yet.

“When did he get injured?” Allan asked.

“Yesterday,” Morel replied.

“Morel, what about the others?” Netero asked.

“Everyone is hurt, but it’s not a big problem, they weren’t seriously injured, and currently they are recuperating inside Knov’s four-dimensional mansion. It’s just…”

“Just what?” Netero asked.

“Unfortunately, one of us died.” Morel sighed.

“Who died?” Netero asked gloomily.

“Buhara,” Morel replied.

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