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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 262: Kite

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Hearing Morel’s stating that Buhara Died, Netero, the chairman of the hunter association, sighed sadly.

“Morel, what happened?”

Allan asked in a deep voice.

Gon and Killua also cast a curious glance at Morel.

They both wanted to know what kind of enemy did Kite and Buhara fight.

Morel took his pipe and took a few puffs before saying slowly: “It was yesterday, Kite and I…”

A few minutes later, Allan and the others finally understood what happened and how Kite was injured.

It turned out that yesterday, Kite and the others were surrounded by Chimera Ants when they were trying to rescue the residents of the area.

So Kite and the other fought against the ants and eliminated a lot of soldiers, but a powerful and appeared, he was called Caesar.

Even Kite was no match for him head-on.

During that battle, Kite was injured. In addition to Caesar, several powerful Squadron leaders appeared, which caused Knuckle, Shoot, and Menchi to suffer.

The situation was serious, and if they don’t escape, they will have to face a whole army.

At that moment, the key member for their escape, Knov, was scared senseless by the aura released by Caesar, thus losing their chance to escape.

Originally, with Knov’s ability, they could enter the four-dimensional mansion quickly when they were surrounded, but no one expected Knov, a professional hunter, to have such poor psychology.

Just by the powerful aura of his enemy, he froze and lost the ability to fight or even the courage to escape.

This mistake was a fatal blow to Kite and the others.

In order to prevent everyone from dying and give the others a chance to escape, Buhara self-destructed, injuring Caesar.

Knov, who witnessed Buhara’s self-destruction, was deeply shocked and finally calmed down from his fear and activated his Nen ability, bringing everyone along and fleeing.

“Buhara is a hero.” Gon said after listening to Morel.

“Yeah, that fat man is indeed a man,” Killua said in admiration. He saw Buhara in the Hunter exam. Although he wasn’t familiar with him, he admired his self-sacrifice to save everyone.

Because of his heroic sacrifice, Kite and the others managed to escape.

“That’s what an excellent professional hunter should be like.” Netero sighed.

Allan sighed and said: “Don’t worry, we’re here now, no one will need to sacrifice himself.”

Morel nodded, he believed that Netero and Allan were strong.

The former was the chairman of the hunter association, and one of the strongest men in the world, while the latter is a rising star that killed two royal guards and nearly wiped the ants from existence.

With them here, even if there are powerful monsters on the Chimera Ant’s side, they can fight them.

Soon, under Morel’s guidance, Allan, Netero, Gon, and Killua entered Knov’s four-dimensional Mansion.

Kite was lying on the bed with a place face.

“Kite was hit by an aura bomb fired by Caesar, he is still in a coma, I don’t know when he will wake up,” Morel said.

“Allan, is there a way to save Kite?” Gon turned his head and asked.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Promise Gon that you will help save Kite. Reward: Fire release: Great Fire Annihilation!]

[2: Don’t save Kite, saying you can’t do it. Reward: 1,000 Nen Point]

Even if the system didn’t give him a reward, he planned on saving Kite.

But since there is a reward, he would take it anyways.

Allan activated his Holy Blessing Of Light.

Golden light flickered out of him and an angel manifested.

“Master, what’s your order?”

“Raphael, help me save my friend, he is injured and unconscious,” Allan said.


Soon, under the healing effect of Raphael, Kite who was in a coma slowly opened his eyes.

“Kite, are you alright?” Gon asked from the side.

Kite smiled; his body fully healed.

“Thanks, Allan, you saved me again,” Kite said.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” Allan smiled.

Although it cost him a lot of energy to wake Kite up, it was worth it.

Moreover, he even got the Great Fire Annihilation technique.

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