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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 263: Current Situation

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After Kite recovered from his injuries, Allan asked him about the Ant named Caesar who injured him.

Originally, after the NGL Extermination Team finished their mission a month ago, almost all Chimera Ants were wiped out.

Except for the Ant King, there shouldn’t have been any powerful ants.

But they miscalculated, as the Chimera Ants they encountered yesterday made them understand that in addition to the king, there are other terrifying ants.

“The monster named Caesar had an aura similar to the two guards we encountered in the NGL before,” Kite said seriously.

Hearing this, Allan frowned.

As far as he knew, the Ant King had three Guards in total, Pitou, Youpi, and Pouf.

As early as two months ago, Allan killed Pitou and then Youpi in the NGL.

But according to Kite’s description, the Ant called Caesar is as strong as the guards.

“it seems that in two months, new guards were born. That monster named Caesar should be a new guard to replace the other two.”

“New guards?” Kite was surprised.

Allan said: “As far as I know, there were originally three guards, and I killed two of them in the NGL, logically, there should be only one left.

But it seems that another guard was born.”

“So how many guards do you think they have now?” Kite asked.

“There should be three, in addition to Caesar, there should be another one replacing one of the dead guards.” Allan guessed.

“Among the Chimera Ants, only the Queen can give birth, so the queen is alive,” Kite said seriously.

Allan nodded: “The tricky problem is that if the queen isn’t killed, the Chimera Ants won’t go extinct. Even if you kill a monster like Caesar, it will take a long time to give birth to a new one.

To completely eradicate their colony, the queen should be killed.”

“That’s right.” Kite thought so as well.

Morel said: “The Queen has the ability to give birth, which means, it is like a mother to all ants and it won’t be easy to kill it.”

“Don’t worry, I will be the one to kill the queen.”

“Then, I will leave it to you,” Kite said.

“Before we act, we must first understand the current situation.” Allan looked at Kite and asked: “How long do you think it will take to sneak in and investigate?”

“I infiltrated this place ten days ago, and at first, I was alone, when I found the Chimera Ants invaded here, I asked for Morel and the others’ support.”

“So, in these ten days, you are clear about the current situation of the Chimera Ants?” Allan asked.

“Yes.” Kite nodded before he started explaining the current situation.

According to him, Gorteau was occupied by the Chimera Ant’s King, and hundreds of towns fell under his soldiers. There were 5 million citizens in this country, and hundreds of thousands became food to the ants.

A few fled and hid in the mountains, but all in all, Gorteau became a nest for the Chimera Ants.

“What do we do now?” Killua asked.

“Destroy them, of course.” Knuckle clenched his fist and shouted.

“Yes, we must kill all of them, and we must not let them harm anymore people. This time, we must wipe them out completely, without letting anyone go.” Kite said.

“The question is, how to eliminate them? You know, they have at least, tens of thousands of them occupying the country, is it really possible with just us?” Menchi expressed her concern.

“Do you want to get some backup from the association?” Morel asked.

“It would be a good idea to ask the Twelve Zodiacs to come here,” Knov said.

Kite looked at Netero and asked: “Chairman, you are the president of the association, please give instruction.”

Netero laughed and said: “This time, I’m only here for the Ant King. As for the other ants, I can only leave them to you guys. Before the duel with the king, I must try my best to stay out of fights, so I can meet the king in my best state. So if you want me to help, I can’t help at the moment. As for returning to the association to find the twelve Zodiacs, it can’t be done, those guys don’t want to risk their lives like this.”

Netero then looked at Allan and said: “As for what to do now, it’s up to you, Allan.”

“You’re letting my command? Isn’t this bad?” Allan asked.

Netero smiled: “Hehehe, Allan, don’t decline. Now, please take my place to command this team.”

Hearing this, Allan no longer shied away and nodded: “Well, I will be in command of this operation then.” He looked at Kite and the others and asked: “Do you have any objection?”

Naturally, they had none. Even though Allan was young, he was the strongest out of them.

In some eyes, like Kite’s, Allan may very well be stronger than Netero already.

There shouldn’t be any problem under his command.

“Then, let’s discuss our plan,” Allan said seriously as if he was a general.

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