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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 264: Plan

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After that, Allan gathered everyone and started formulating a plan.

“Judging from the current situation, we must first destroy the Chimera Ants in the surrounding towns one by one, and rescue the residents. After that, we form a net and surround the King’s palace step by step, before finally attacking their base.”

Kite and the others didn’t have an objection to Allan’s plan so he continued.

“First, we’re going to separate ourselves into groups of two.”

After some discussion, the teams formed were: Allan, Menchi are the first team, Kite, Gon, and Killua, the second team, Netero and Knov, the third team, and finally, Morel, Knuckle, and Shoot are the fourth team.

After forming the teams, Knov opened his fourth-dimensional Mansion for everyone to get out.

After that, each team went in a different direction.

As a team leader, Allan was first to take action, so he directly set off toward the eastern city with his partner, Menchi.

Although Gorteau was a small country, there were hundreds of towns inside it, though there didn’t have big cities.

But because there are a lot of them, it’s a waste of energy for Allan to liberate every last of them.

However, to eradicate the Chimera Ants, this has to be done.

Their goal is to not let any Chimera Ant escape.

On the other side, inside the palace.

Meruem was playing chess with a young girl with a runny nose.

The Ant King has a high talent for learning and in a short period, he defeated famous chess players in Gorteau, until he encountered this girl.

He suffered his first-ever loss.

At the same time, a few hundred Kilometers away, Allan brought Menchi to the eastern part of the country.

The town here was gloomy with no one around.

The Chimera Ants invaded this town.

To quickly wipe out the Ants, Allan directly released his aura to attract them out.

“This is amazing, and it’s emitted by a human, is it an intruder?”

A few kilometers away from Allan, a creature with a sharp horn suddenly looked back.

Even though it was far away, it could feel Allan’s aura.

This Ant is called Sark, a squadron leader, and was dispatched a week ago by Pouf to this town.

Today, it rules the town with 300 other ants under it.

After feeling Allan’s Aura, it was provoked.

“This human is deliberately releasing his aura; he wants to attract our attention. Humph, it seems like he is confident in his power.”

Sark laughed instead of being angry.

Soon all three hundred soldiers ants gathered around him.

“Let’s go kill the intruder.”

Sark gave the order and the troops moved toward Allan.

The ants were territorial. Since someone invaded their territory, they won’t tolerate them.

On the other side, After releasing his aura, Allan quickly noticed the Chimera Ants rushing toward him.

A few minutes later, the soldiers led by Sark appeared.

“The prey followed my aura,” Allan said with a smile.

“There are quite a few of them, a few hundreds maybe?” Menchi said.

“The one in front should be their leader.” Allan’s eyes locked at Sark.

At this moment, Sark released his aura.

“interesting, let’s see how strong he is.” Allan was ready to attack.

However, at this moment, Menchi said: “Allan, can you let me start the first battle?”

“Why?” Allan wondered.

If it’s him fighting, he can guarantee that the fight will end quickly.

“Because, you are our trump card, you have to preserve your strength for following battles, is that good enough reason?” Menchi said.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Be a bystander and let Menchi kill the Chimera Ants. Reward: Thousand Demon Daggers.]

[2: Let Menchi watch the battle as you destroy the group of Chimera Ants. Reward: Meito: Shigure.]

Allan took the first option, not because of the Thousand Demon Daggers, but because he couldn’t refuse a woman’s request.

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