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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 266: Operation Starts

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“Damn it! Let me see how many heads you can grow!”

Sark shouted angrily, his hands turning into blades as he slashed at Cerberus.

One of Cerberus Heads attempted to bit Sark.

Sark swung his bladed hands blocked the huge fangs and then jumped back while chopping off another head.

As expected, the severed head grew back once again.

Sark snorted coldly and waved the blades, sending a sharp energy attack and cutting two heads.

However, the same as before, the heads grew back almost instantly.

Sark didn’t give up and kept on cutting the Cerberus’ heads.

But, after a while, he was knocked down by the Cerberus.

Before he could get up, the Cerberus already opened one of its mouths and took a bite.

Immediately afterward, Sark screamed as he was devoured by the Cerberus.

With this, the Chimera Ants in this town were completely wiped out.

After that, Allan and Menchi spend half an hour looking for and rescuing the residents of this place.

On the other hand, Kite’s team and Morel’s team were having their first fight.

Knov was just letting the Ants enter his fourth-dimensional Mansion and handing them over to Netero to solve.

After two days, Allan and the other had almost freed all town eliminated thousands of Chimera Ants, and saved Millions of people.

Afterward, they gathered together and were ready for the attack on the Ant King.

However, before that, they went back inside the Fourth-Dimensional Mansion to adjust their mental state before the fight.

According to the information they had, the Ant King lived in the palace inside Gorteau’s capital.

At this time, the ant king, Meruem was still playing chess with Komugi.

The ant king was extremely focused on the game as he wanted to win against this girl.

Every time he was about to win, Komugi would turn the table around and win the game.

This made Meruem understand one thing, there are many kinds of strength out there.

For example, Komugi was extremely strong in chess, but she was physically strong. But the King still felt that his kind of strength is the best.

“Your majesty!”

At this moment, a shout broke Meruem from his train of thoughts.

“What’s the matter?” The King looked at the one making a report and asked.

It was one of the King’s guards, Pouf.

“King, Among the humans who came this time, there are some who are very strong, and the troops we sent out to support the various town were wiped out.

We’re running out of soldiers.

The humans are expected to attack the palace soon.”

After hearing this, Meruem’s face turned gloomy and snorted coldly: “Mere humans dared to come to attack this king, they are seeking their own doom.”

“Your majesty, what should we do? Please give your orders.” Pouf asked.

Meruem replied: “Don’t they want to kill this King? Then let them come, and this king shall wait for them in this place. I want them to understand what a real ruler is.”

“With your majesty making a move yourself, those humans won’t stand a chance.” Said another guard beside Pouf.

He is the new guard replacing Pitou, and his name is Narro.

Other than him, there is also the guard named Caesar.

“Btw, where did Caesar go?” Asked the Ant King.

“He is guarding outside the Palace, your majesty.” Pouf replied.

“Then send out my orders. Destroy every human who comes here to attack us. Don’t let them take even half a step into the palace”

“Yes, we will definitively eradicate those humans.” Pouf replied as he knelt on the ground.

Meanwhile, inside Knov’s fourth-dimensional Mansion, Allan and the others were discussing the plan for the final attack on the ants.

“Knov, is there an exit inside the Palace?”

Knov shook his head and said: “The Palace is covered by the other parties [En], so I couldn’t set an exit there. However, I have set up an exit in the woods a few kilometers away from the palace.”

Allan nodded and said: “Then, let’s check our plan for the last time.”

The operation will start at 9 Pm, and currently, it was 8:50 Pm.

In the forest, a few Kilometers away from the royal palace, a black hole suddenly appeared.

Then, several figures jumped out of the black hole.

The extermination team was about to make a move on the Ant King.

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