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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 267: Heaven’s Eye

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It was late at night and the sky was as dark as ink.

In the forest, Allan and the others exited from the fourth-dimensional Mansion of Knov.

“Knov, how far are we from the Palace?” Allan asked.

“About four to five Kilometers.” Knov pushed his glasses.

Although Knov has the ability to set the entrance closer to the palace, he didn’t in fear to get caught.

Therefore, he can only set the entrance far away from the detection of the Chimera Ants.

“Allan, are we going directly to the palace to fight the Ant King?” Gon asked.

Allan didn’t answer directly, but looked at Netero behind him: “Chairman, what do you think?”

Netero pondered for a while, then he stroked his goatee and said: “Well, if possible, it’s best to wait and see the situation before taking action. For example, the specific location of the ant King in the palace, and the guards around him.”

“However, in this case, we must find a way to approach the palace,” Morel said.

Knov said: “If Palm Siberia was here, her ability The lonesome deep-sea fish, or Wink Blue, it would be useful, but unfortunately, I didn’t bring her over this time, my bad…”

Morel nodded: “Indeed, Palm can use her ability to spy on the Chimera Ants.”

Knuckle: “It’s meaningless to talk about it now since we can’t spy on them, we have to rush into the palace and fight them. We have Chairman and Allan here, I believe we can defeat the Ant King.”

Netero laughed: “Knuckle, you’re praising me too much.”

“Of course, Chairman, I admire you very much,” Knuckle said excitedly.

The naïve Knuckle didn’t know how strong the Ant King was. He thought that the Chairman was enough to defeat it.

In fact, it wasn’t just Knuckle, but even Gon, Killua, and Morel thought the same.

Although they knew that the Ant King was very strong, they didn’t know how strong.

Even Chairman Netero who was planning on dealing with the Ant King didn’t know the limit of the latter’s power.

Before he really fought him, he had absolutely no idea of how strong he is, except for what Allan said.

Currently, only Allan knew how strong the Ant King was.

However, even Allan himself wasn’t certain about this. Since many things had changed.

On the side, Morel looked at Netero and said: “Chairman, do we act directly?”

Netero looked at Allan and asked: “Allan, what do you intend to do?”

Allan replied: “Let me see the situation in the palace first.”

Hearing this, Morel and Knov were shocked.

Could it be that Allan has an ability he can use to spy into the palace?

Allan directly Activated his ability: “Heaven’s Eye.”

In the next second, an eyeball manifested in the air.

Although the eyeball was thumb-sized, it can actually see 360 degrees and transmit everything to the user directly.

Under Allan’s control, Heaven’s Eye flew into the sky toward the Palace.

Three minutes later, Heaven’s Eye hovered above the Palace.

Allan could see many Chimera Ants gathering in the palace, more than a thousand of them.

Apparently, the Ant King assembled all his soldiers.

After this, Allan used his Nen to control the eye and directed it into the palace.

Unexpectedly, Heaven’s eye entered the palace without any hindrance.

However, suddenly, Allan noticed a terrifying aura as soon as he was less than 100 meters above the palace.

The owner of this aura immediately took action and emitted a larger En to find the intruders.

Although it noticed the specific position of the eye in the sky, it didn’t look at it even once.

Therefore, Allan boldly manipulated Heaven’s eye and continued forward into the Palace.

“Damn it, I can’t find the exact location. Looks like I have to report to the king.”

The owner of the aura was Caesar, one of the royal guards.

Although he sensed the intruder, he couldn’t pinpoint his location.

Allan couldn’t use Zetsu to conceal Heaven’s eye in the sky, he could only hide it with [In].

Therefore, Caesar felt it, but couldn’t lock on its specific location.

In a flash, Caesar entered the palace.

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