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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 282: Noro

After getting hit by Gon, Pouf knew that his injuries would affect his performance, so he didn’t rush to attack and chose other offensive methods.

Pouf spread his butterfly wings and quickly flew up 100 meters in the air.

“What is that guy doing?” Killua frowned.

Pouf flew in the night sky and activated his scale powder and released a large amount of it.

The scale powder can’t be seen by the naked eye, and if a human breathes it in, he will be hypnotized.

But its main effect is showing someone’s aura flow, allowing Pouf to analyze the blend of 30 emotional patterns and through them, formulate a conjecture about the opponent’s psychological state, personality, and thoughts.

At this time, Pouf could read Killua’s emotions, which currently stood 50% vigilance and 50% confidence.

Killua was confident in his ability.

Through this, Pouf knew that Killua wasn’t a simple guy.

Coupled with the previous attack, Pouf guessed that Killua could turn his Nen into an electric current and attack with it as well as enhance his speed

Inside the smoke ring, Morel warned Killua: “Killua, don’t inhale the scale powder.”

Killua nodded in understanding, but there was too much of that powder and Killua accidentally inhaled some.

Soon, he started feeling dizzy.

Killua knew that he was poisoned.

“Oops, this powder has some hypnotic effect.” Killua’s expression changed as he quickly moved away from the area covered in the scale powder.

Midair, Pouf noticed that Killua inhaled some scale powder and the hypnotism started taking effect and directly launched an attack.

Seeing Pouf rushing toward him, Killua could only activate his godspeed and move away.

Pouf chased after him, vowing to kill him.

Killua didn’t choose to have a head-on fight with Pouf.

He was a Zoldyck, a family of assassins, and with his childhood training, his body can adapt to any kind of poison.

As long as he can manage for a few minutes, his body will adapt to the Scale Powder.

Therefore, he could only escape till it happens.

On another battlefield, Knuckle and Shoot teamed up against Noro.

Noro was a royal guard, which means he is very strong.

And unlike Pouf who prefers not to engage in combat, Noro was mainly a combat Chimera Ant.

His giant claws held great offense and defense along with his physical strength.

As long as he lands a hit with those claws, his opponent will die or at least be severely injured.

His Nen was multiple times stronger than both Knuckle and Shoot combined.

In a head-on fight, Knuckle and Shoot can’t stand a chance against Noro.

Therefore, they could only start fighting Noro while putting a safe distance between them.

“Damn it, that giant is very troublesome.” Knuckle frowned.

Shoot said in a deep voice: “I will find a way to create an opportunity and you use you’re Hakoware on him.”

“Ok, I understand.” Knuckle nodded.

Knuckle’s Nen ability was unique, he summons a mascot called Amortizing Power Redirector and attaches it to his opponent. With each blow from Knuckle, he would lend his aura to whoever has Amortizing Power Redirector, and each time his opponent hits knuckle that aura is sent back.

Every 10 seconds, the aura will increase 10% as interest. The attacks from both knuckle and his opponent won’t cause any damage only lending or returning Nen. When the opponent’s Nen is below what Knuckle’s lent, it will cause Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy would cause the Amortizing Power Redirector to change into an Individual Ren Suppressor, causing the opponent to be in a continuous state of Zetsu for 30 days. And can only be removed by an exorcist or when Knuckle is rendered unconscious.

Once Noro can’t use Nen, Knuckle was confident that he can deal with his head on.

However, the current situation was very far from being able to even land a hit on Noro.

Noro’s claws could only attack at a distance of five meters and even if he expanded them to the maximum length, it would only reach ten meters.

So, Knuckle and Shoot can’t be hit if they kept their distance, but they can’t attack him as well.

So unless they close the distance, neither Noro nor Knuckle and Shoot could attack.

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