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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 281: Injuring Pouf

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you quickly,” Pouf said with a smug face.

He was ready to torture Morel and kill him slowly.

However, at this moment, a figure quickly rushed from behind.

As fast as a bolt of lightning, no one could decern the identity of this figure.

Pouf’s face changed as he sensed the threat behind him.

This figure belonged to non-other than Killua.

Killua was in his God Speed state, and Pouf couldn’t respond to that kind of speed.

“Lightning Palm!”

The blue current passed from Killua’s palms into Pouf’s body.

This technique is essentially changing Nen to an Electric current and focusing that current into the palm, stunning whoever was hit directly.

Pouf was strong which is why he was only paralyzed for 0.5 seconds.

But that was enough for the second figure to approach Pouf.

The second person was Gon, and Pouf could only stare at the former’s glowing fist coming closer.

“Damn it! I can’t move my body!” Pouf for the first time looked horrified.

He could feel Gon’s fist containing an astounding amount of Energy.

Receiving that hit would be disastrous.

In the next second, Gon’s fist slammed into Pouf.

Since Gon was an Enhancer, his physical body was strong, and his Nen enhanced that greatly, adding to that the effect of his Jajanken, it would be quite the punch.

The only disadvantage of the Jajanken is the charging time and the lack of defense when it’s deployed.

And since Killua successfully paralyzed Pouf temporarily, Gon got the opportunity to attack without risk.

Pouf was sent flying in an instant.

“Great!” Killua said in delight.

The cooperation between him and Gon went perfectly.

When Pouf was focusing on Morel, he was hiding not far away and observing the battlefield. He immediately seized the opportunity to launch a quick attack when Pouf wasn’t paying attention and paralyzed him, creating a chance for Gon to attack.

The entire surprise attack took a few seconds.

Pouf flew tens of meters away before he stopped.

At the same time, Gon’s Nen seemed to diminish by half at least. He was kneeling on the floor with a tired expression.

Killua saw this and stepped beside him and asked: “Gon, are you okay?”

Gon said weakly: “That punch I threw took almost 90% of my Nen. I’m very tired and I may need a while to recover… Sorry to trouble you, Killua.”

“It’s okay, Gon, you’ve done a great job.” Killua said: “Leave the rest to me.”

Pouf took a while to get up from the ground. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his entire face was pale.

The Nen in his body decreased a lot from where it was before.

“Damn that Kid, he actually has such a terrifying attack.”

Pouf’s face was pale.

It was the first time he suffered such a severe injury.

A feeling of shame overwhelmed him, he was ashamed and angry at being injured by a mere human.

“Damn it! I will kill that kid!”

Pouf raised his head and looked at Gon.

His killing intent flowed like crazy, but Gon didn’t even flinch at that.

Killua said to Morel: “Morel-san, you protect Gon, and I will deal with this guy.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Morel pulled back his pipe and then made a smoke ring to protect himself and Gon.

Morel can guarantee that Pouf won’t be able to get in for a while.

During that time, Gon can rest and leave Pouf to Killua.

Pouf snorted coldly when he saw the smoke ring appearing to protect Gon.

He didn’t lose his mind in anger but was extremely calm instead.

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