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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 280: Team Up

Above the sky, another flash of lightning struck down into the pit Caesar was inside.

“Damn, that guy wants to kill Caesar!” Noro clenched his fists angrily.

“What are you still doing, go up and help.” Pouf said urgently.

“No, I can’t go over there,” Noro replied.

“Why?” Pouf couldn’t believe his ears and asked: “Are you afraid?”

Noro shook his head and said: “That guy who defeated Caesar, is also the one who destroyed the palace.”

Pouf immediately understood and said seriously: “That is to say, that guy is the king’s target, right?”

“That’s right, the king said he will take care of that guy, and our task is taking care of the other humans,” Noro explained.

Hearing this, Pouf stayed silent for a while before saying: “Okay then, let’s take care of those guys as soon as possible and get back to the King’s side.”

As a result, Pouf and Noro started the humans there.

Their targets were everyone except Allan.

At this moment, the first guy Pouf wanted to kill was Morel.

Right now, Morel was still staring at the shell left by Pouf inside the cage.

After a while, he finally realized that something was wrong.

Because he didn’t feel any aura from Pouf’s body inside the cage.

Along with Pouf’s shell, there was Komugi who is currently unconscious.

Morel didn’t know how Pouf escaped, but he could only regroup with the others.

He also knew that it was basically impossible to trap Pouf again.

Morel directly contacted Knov with his phone, and the latter opened his four-dimensional mansion to take him in.

Following that, Morel lifted the smoke and was about to leave with Knuckle and Shoot.

Seeing the Smoke lifting, Pouf and Noro moved quickly to attack Morel.

Before, they couldn’t attack because the smoke prevented them from entering, but now, the smoke is gone and they can attack.

The three of them immediately discovered Pouf and Noro rushing toward them.

“Master, here they come,” Knuckle said.

When morel saw this, he immediately took his pipe and planned on making the smoke once again.

However, Pouf and Noro were too fast.

Almost a second and they already were in front of the three.

When Morel saw this, he could only wave his pipe in a hurry.

Pouf sneered and easily moved sideways before kicking morel and snatching his pipe.

“This is bad.”

Morel couldn’t make the smoke without his pipe, which means he was deprived of his Nen ability.


Knuckle and Shoot were furious when they saw their master kicked and his weapon snatched away.

However, before they could move and support him, Noro was already in front of them with his giant claw hands and tried to grab both of them.

Both immediately moved back.

“I will deal with both of you.”

Noro said with murderous eyes.

Knuckle and Shoot’s expression turned gloomy.

The Nen displayed by the guards was too powerful, both of them combined couldn’t hope to match this monster.

The two of them knew if they don’t fight together, all of them will perish here.

“Master, hold on, we will help you soon.”

Knuckle and Shoot who were blocked by Noro instantly released their Nen in order to support Morel as soon as possible.

Shoot was in charge of the support and Knuckle was the head-on attacker.

The two cooperated with each other to deal with Noro.

Morel on the other side got up and saw Pouf in front of him.

“Humph, without your pipe, you can’t create smoke and trap me.” Pouf sneered.

“Damn! Give that back.” Morel tried to snatch the pipe back, but he couldn’t match Pouf.

Pouf once again kicked Morel.

Although he wasn’t built for offense, Pouf was still strong as one of the King’s guards.

Morel used Ken to defend against the Kick, he was still sent flying and spat out a mouthful of blood.

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