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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 279: Escape

Soon, Noro noticed that there was a huge cloud of smoke on the other side of the Palace.

The smoke enveloped the entire destroyed square.

He noticed it for a while now, but he didn’t leave the King’s side.

But right now, he smelt something strange but familiar.

“Is Pouf trapped in the smoke?” Noro frowned.

When he tried to get close to the cloud of smoke to see what was inside, he found that the smoke was substantial, not just gas.

“Really, the humans have some troublesome abilities.”

Noro frowned, as this cloud of smoke was obviously not simple.

Since he can’t get in normally, he will just breakthrough.

Taking a deep breath, Noro raised his hand which changed into a giant claw as he tore a hole inside.

But soon, the smoke closed the torn opening.

Meanwhile, inside the cage, Pouf split his body into thousands of thousands of clones.

Each clone was the size of a cell.

He slowly but surely moved out of the smoke cage Morel set.

After successfully escaping the cage, Pouf formed his body once again.

As for Komugi, she was still inside the smoke cage.

Although his orders were to take Komugi to safety, at the moment, Pouf was more concerned about the king’s safety.

Moreover, He believed that the humans won’t endanger Komugi since she was a human as well.

Thinking about this, Pouf decided to return to the Ant King’s side.

Seeing the palace destroyed and the king not there, the only thought Pouf had was to find his king. The usually calm Pouf was in a state of self-blame as he felt that he failed his duty as the king’s guard.

The only thought he had right now was to find the king as soon as possible and protect him.

Absolutely nothing can happen to the king, no matter what or who he had to face, he won’t let anything happen.

Just as Pouf was going to find the king, he saw Noro trying to destroy the smoke cage below.

He quickly moved to his side and asked eagerly: “Why are you here, Noro, where is the King?”

Seeing Pouf, Noro breathed a sigh of relief and said: “I thought you were trapped inside and came to save you.”

Pouf replied: “I was indeed trapped inside, but I got out.”

“I see.” Noro nodded.

“You didn’t answer me, where is the king?” Asked Pouf again.

“The king is preparing to fight,” Noro replied.

“What did you say?” Pouf frowned.

Noro said again: “The king preparing to deal with the humans who destroyed the palace by himself. He wants to fight him one on one.”

“A one-on-one duel?” Pouf was surprised: “How could a human face the King alone?”

Noro shrugged and said: “That’s the truth, King wanted to fight him.”

“What?” Pouf was even more surprised.

The supreme king was provoked by a mere human, this was absurd.

“I wanted to stay by the king’s side, but the king asked me to deal with the other intruders and didn’t let me stay there.” Noro sighed.

Obviously, he wanted to stay by his king’s side.

“What about Caesar?” Pouf asked.

Noro was about to answer, but suddenly a loud bang stopped him.

Afterward, Pouf and Noro saw a figure falling to the ground into a huge pit.

“Who was that who fell down from the sky?” Pouf asked. He had a very bad feeling about this.

“It’s Caesar,” Noro said with a gloomy face.

“What?” Pouf was a little surprised.

Pouf was trapped in the smoke cage and didn’t see what happened outside, including Caesar going after Allan and the fight afterward.

Caesar was completely crushed by Allan and the sorry sight in front of him was the result of that.

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