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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 278: Completely Crushed

With a flap of his wings, Caesar rushed toward Allan with extreme speed, and three hands punched directly, causing gusts of wind to reach Allan before the fists.

Allan felt Caesar’s change and became serious.

With the speed of the Rumble Rumble Fruit and Observation Haki, Allan completely predicted Caesar’s moves and dodged them.

Caesar’s attack continued, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t touch Allan.

Even when his speed and power increased exponentially, he still couldn’t match lightning speed.

Allan’s speed seemed faster than lightning due to the fact he predicted Caesar’s attacks, which prevented the latter from coming close to landing a hit.

“Damn it, Damn it, AAAAAAAH!!”

Caesar’s wings vibrated as he accelerated toward Allan, as he couldn’t think straight and wanted to Kill Allan at all cost.

Allan didn’t dodge this time, no, It would be better to say that he was too lazy to do so.

Looking at Caesar rushing toward him, he raised his right hand emotionlessly.

Lightning flickered in his wrist as it slammed toward Caesar who didn’t expect this at all.

The lightning scorched Caesar’s body black.

Obviously, this attack dealt considerable damage to the royal guard.

“Okay, let’s get rid of this guy quickly.” Allan looked at the injured Caesar in the distance as thought.

With a flash, he appeared in front of Caesar, and with an open palm, he struck.

“Lightning Palm!”

Such a close-up high voltage strike caused serious injury to Caesar who spat purple blood.

Each time he was struck by lightning, his reflex and speed were reduced.

“60,000,000 Volt, Vari!”


Caesar’s body was completely paralyzed for a short time, he wasn’t able to move a muscle.

He started falling down, however, Allan didn’t stop attacking.

He wanted to take care of Caesar here since once the latter return to the ground, the king will be waiting and it will be troublesome to get rid of Caesar.

“60,000,000 Volt, Laser!”

Laser formed in Allan’s hand as he shot it toward Caesar, instantly severing his hands.

However, even so, Caesar was still alive.

His body was that powerful and his defenses were that strong.

It wasn’t easy to kill him.

Allan didn’t stop attacking as lightning attacks continued forming and hitting Caesar’s body.

The flashes of lights seemed like shooting stars from down below.

Noro could see Caesar being beaten and crushed without any power to fight back.

When the Ant King saw this, he clenched his fists.

The power Allan showed made him want to fight and his blood boiled with battle intent.

“I didn’t imagine that amongst the humans, there is someone that strong.”

Meruem sighed, amazed by the display of power the human showed.

Noro, standing beside his king, looked at this scene gloomily.

“King, let me do it,” Noro said.

Hearing this, The Ant King glanced at Noro and said: “To be honest, you’re not his opponent.”

“No, King, I will definitively kill that guy,” Noro assured.

The King Said coldly: “I’m afraid that I can’t believe you. You as strong as Caesar, and now, you could see what happened to Caesar.”

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