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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 277: Power of Wrath!


After exchanging strikes hundreds of times, Caesar finally was kicked by Allan.

The kick was strong enough to send Caesar a hundred meters back before he spat a mouthful of blood.

Caesar’s eyes opened in disbelief. A mere human could make him bleed.


Nen exploded out of Caesar’s body as the shame turned into fury and wrath.

The Nen released was crimson red with a vicious feel to it.

It seems that Caesar turned completely into a monster.

He was faster than before.

His power almost doubled.

Caesar turned into a crimson light before he instantly appeared in front of Allan.

Caesar punched, Allan didn’t shy away and met him with a punch of his own.

However, this time, Allan was pushed back, but without any injuries.

Allan could tell that Caesar was stronger, far stronger than before, and all of this was due to his wrath and fury.

With anger, his Nen became stronger along with his body.

This was Caesar’s unique ability as a royal guard, the power of wrath.

At this moment, Caesar once again attacked.

Allan snorted coldly: “You’re overestimating yourself. Thunder Explosion.”

Blue electric current circled Allan’s fist as it met with Caesar’s.

The electric current directly passed through Allan’s palm into Caesar’s body, covering him in electric sparks.

He hovered in the air with an open mouth as he was temporarily paralyzed.

His right fist was dripping with blood.

“Damn human, you dare hurt me again!!”

Caesar was furious, disregarding his injured hand, he angrily rushed toward Allan.

Allan dodged his attacks one after the other before saying coldly: “You’re indeed fast, but unfortunately, you’re far behind me.”

Allan counter attacked.

“50,000,000 Volt!”

Allan’s wrist transformed into lightning and a bolt broke out and slammed into the angry ant.

Although Caesar was vigilant, he wasn’t fast enough to dodge the thunderbolt.

With a bang, Caesar’s body was covered in lightning.

The high voltage made Caesar grimace in pain.

After a few seconds, the numbness subsided.

Caesar wasn’t seriously injured, but his reaction speed decreased by a large margin.

“Is this the influence of the lightning?” Caesar frowned.

“What’s wrong, are you afraid?”

Allan appeared ten meters away from Caesar.

At such a close distance, Caesar was confident in rushing in front of his opponent and launching a quick attack.

As soon as he finished thinking, he moved instantly and decisively.

Allan was prepared as he appeared close to Caesar deliberately.

Caesar’s fist quickly moved toward Allan, who already punched at the former with hands full of lightning.

Boom! Boom!

Caesar’s red Nen and Allan’s blue lightning formed a sphere and lightened the dark sky.

It was a confrontation between two races, a battle of supremacy.

The next second, Caesar’s body flew out of the sphere. He couldn’t stop himself from moving back hundreds of meters.

After finally stopping using his four wings, his face appeared quite pale.

His nose, ears, and mouth overflowed with purple blood. Because of this injury, his body seemed to become unstable.

“Damn it, why is this guy so strong?!”

Caesar was a royal guard of the ant king. He didn’t believe that a mere human could confront him using power.

But after he used everything, he was indeed pushed away and suffered quite the injuries as well.

In other words, Allan was capable of killing him.

Of course, if it was just pure physical power, Allan wouldn’t be his match, after all, he is limited to the power of the human body.

However, after using the Rumble Rumble fruit, Allan’s strength surpassed Caesar’s.

At this moment, Caesar’s body once again changed, his wings fused together and turned into huge dark red wings.

His arms multiplied and four new ones appeared, which counts as six arms now.

This is Caesar’s new form, the six-armed, two-winged devil.

His speed increased along with his power.

“This is my final form, you’re dead, human.”

Caesar’s face was hideous, and his body released a very terrifying aura.

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