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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 276: Choice

“Oh? You’re worthy of being a royal guard, to actually fly to this height.”

Caesar fluttered his wings and rushed forward with red fists pointing at Allan.

“Damn you human, you’re done!” Caesar roared angrily.

His fist seemed to pierce the air barrier as It moved toward Allan, while the latter didn’t know if he would be immune if he turned into an element.

Of course, Allan wasn’t worried that Caesar could actually hit him, because he was much faster than the latter.

It wasn’t difficult to dodge, and even if he didn’t, he can take the hit easily.

Allan suddenly heard the notification of his system.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Retreat from the fight and don’t engage with Caesar for now. Reward: Three thousand Nen points.]

[2: Fight and kill Caesar. Reward: Senzu Bean.]

The second reward was without a doubt better, and with Allan’s current power, he didn’t need to retreat or escape from Caesar.

Therefore, Allan picked the first option, and with a flash, he turned into lightning and easily avoided Caesar, and appeared a few meters behind him.

“Idiot, I’m here.”

Allan taunted.

Seeing his attack fail, Caesar was furious as he turned around and rushed at Allan again.

His wings fluttered increasing his speed as he attacked again.


Caesar roared as he got faster and faster, however, Allan was a lightning man, so almost no one here can actually contend with speed against him.

Caesar was completely outmatched as Allan dodged all of his attempts.

“You’re too slow, can’t you move faster?”

Allan taunted again, deliberately making Caesar angry.

“Damn you.”

Although Caesar was angry, he clearly realized that whether it was speed, reflex, or attack speed, Allan was better.

He understood at that moment that even though Allan was a human, he was strong enough to fight him.

So even though he was angry, he didn’t attack mindlessly.

Suddenly his body started changing and the two wings on his back became four which doubled his speed.

Caesar waved his wings and suddenly rushed at Allan, which took the latter by surprise as he never thought this guy’s speed can actually be doubled so easily.

With his current speed, Caesar finally could fight with Allan head-on.

Allan was finally interested in the fight now.

He was no longer simply dodging attacks, but fighting back as well.

Sonic booms exploded in the sky due to their fight.

Caesar’s method was simple, he just use his fists as weapons.

He didn’t have any fancy moves or complicated techniques.

Simple but effective, which made him fight with all of his power.

His fists were strong enough to shatter boulders and crack the ground, which is the power derived from his strong genes.

This made Caesar think that as long as he hit Allan, the latter would die or at least be seriously injured.

The echo of their fight reached the ground as if two gods were battling in the sky.

Caesar underestimated Allan’s power and thought that the latter just had lightning speed.

Allan was stronger than Caesar could imagine which made the latter very shocked and frightened.

He never thought that the humans he looked down on so much could get so strong.

In this fight, Allan only used his Lightning powers to fight, without using any other power.

He used neither Haki nor any other powers.

The abilities he has shown till now were just the tip of the iceberg, and if Caesar knew, he would go crazy.

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