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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 275: Scale Powder

“Human, let me tell you my name. I’m Shiaipouf, one of the royal guards of his majesty, the king.”

While Pouf was inside the cage and unable to get out temporarily, he decided to introduce himself to Morel.

Morel didn’t reply as he sat down on the ground with his pipe, his eyes fixed on Pouf.

Through the scale powder, Pouf found out that Morel’s Nen had new fluctuations.

“Alertness was 20% before, but now, it was 40%. In other words, he is more cautious and doesn’t want to reveal anything about himself, not even his name.”

Thinking about this, Pouf said: “Human, do you think I’m introducing myself to deliberately make you speak and inhale the scale powder? If you think so, it’s a misunderstanding on your part. It doesn’t matter to me if you tell me or not, I’m not interested anyway.”

However, Morel’s thinking was right, Pouf was trying to make Morel speak and inhale the Scale powder and hypnotize him.

But Morel was too cautious and didn’t want to open his mouth at all, he also used smoke to wrap his entire body, forming a protective suit with only his eyes exposed.

With the protective suit, Morel didn’t increase his defense but prevented the scale powder from getting to him.

In order to make Morel breathe in the scale powder, Pouf spoke again.

“Human, aren’t you curious about this human girl beside me?” Morel glanced at Komugi on the ground and said nothing.

Because Allan already told them about Komugi.

Not only that, but Morel also learned from Allan that Komugi had a special place in the Ant King’s heart. He also told them not to hurt her if unnecessary.

Therefore, Morel’s emotions didn’t even flicker at Pouf’s words.

Through the powder, Pouf could tell that Morel wasn’t even slightly curious about Komugi.

In other words, Komugi didn’t qualify as a bargaining chip.

Originally, Pouf wanted to threaten Morel with Komugi’s safety and make him release the smoke cage.

But unfortunately, Morel didn’t care about the girl.

Therefore, even if Pouf threatened him to lift the smoke or she dies, he would let her die without a second thought.

And Pouf also knew he can’t really kill Komugi.

Not only did not kill her, but he had to protect her.

This is Pouf’s current mission.

Therefore, Pouf could only think of other ways to get out of the smoke.

“Human, do you think that mere smoke can stop me?” The next moment, Pouf released his Nen.

A black aura surrounded Pouf forming a black shell.

Morel was extremely alert at this development as he didn’t know what the shell is.

Meanwhile at the Palace.

Boom! Boom!

It has been three minutes since Allan made the Thunderclouds, and currently, the entire palace was destroyed.

Every single building was in ruins and finally, the thunderclouds disappeared since it completed its mission.

The Ant King and Noro left the palace before it collapsed.

“King, I’m sorry, I failed to protect the palace.” Noro knelt on one knee in front of Meruem.

The Ant King looked expressionlessly and said: “I know that you’ve done your best.”

“King, what should I do know? Please give an order.” Noro asked.

The king didn’t say a thing as he looked at the sky.

Although it was dark, the king could see a figure thousand meters above them.

The figure’s body was flickering with blue electric energy.

Allan also noticed the king and both stared at each other from a distance.

“I found him, the guy who destroyed my palace.” The Ant King said.

Noro also noticed Allan in the sky and said: “King, Caesar already went up to take care of that guy.”

“If I had the ability to fly, I would’ve gone there myself to kill him.” Said the Ant King.

Unfortunately, the king can’t fly, even if he is the strongest of the ants, he can’t fly.

Therefore, the ant king couldn’t attack Allan who was far up in the sky.

“To be able to create a thundercloud and cause such chaos, that person isn’t ordinary.” The king said seriously.

Somehow, the king felt worried.

The kind of worry that stems from facing the unknown.

“There is no need for worry, My King, Caesar will take care of him,” Noro assured with great confidence in his companion.

At this time, Allan noticed a black shadow rushing toward him quickly, and that shadow was none other than Caesar.

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