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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 274: Pouf’s Power!

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Pouf moved quickly with his butterfly wings as he attacked Morel.

After ten moves, Morel was hit and knocked back.

“He’s strong!”

Morel frowned.

As a senior Hunter, Morel was confident in his skills even though he wasn’t good at fighting.

But Pouf was stronger and faster than him. Morel realized that he won’t be able to stop Pouf alone.

At this moment, Pouf already appeared in front of him again, and Boom!

Morel has knocked back again and slammed against the smoke.

Before he could calm down, Pouf rushed forward again.

When Morel saw this, he just rolled over, in an embarrassing way to avoid Pouf’s kick.

“Heuh, that’s dangerous.”

Morel breathed a sigh of relief as he avoided the kick, but Pouf once again appeared in front of him.

Without any way to avoid it, Morel could only wave his pipe and smash it at Pouf.

Pouf sneered and directly kicked Morel and sent the pipe flying.

Morel’s face changed as he didn’t expect Pouf’s power to be so great.

Before he could react, he was slapped in the face and his body flew toward the smoke.

Morel spat a mouthful of blood.

“He’s strong, even if with Ken, I wasn’t able to completely defend. This guy is a monster.”

Morel was serious now.

“Sure enough, with my power, I can only trap him here, it’s impossible to fight him.”

Pouf couldn’t fully exert his power while holding Komugi, but even then, he can still fight Morel.

After all, no matter how much Pouf appeared weak, he was still one of the King’s guards.

Morel had almost no strength to fight back and could only rely on the smoke to escape.

In this kind of terrain, he could dodge Pouf as much as he wanted.

“Humph, besides trapping me here, do you have anything else? I’m disappointed.” Pouf sneered.

“Smoke fist.”

Morel blew his pipe and a huge fist formed behind Pouf.


The fist hit Pouf from behind, however, it was too weak to cause any damage to Pouf.

“Smoke Spear!”

In order to increase the power of the smoke, Morel used it to condense a long spear and stabbed at Pouf.

Pouf easily dodged and attacked Morel again.

“Purple Haze Soldiers.”

Facing Pouf’s attack, Morel dodged by making a few smoke clones and retreated before making a small cage and locking Pouf inside.

Pouf was helpless for a while since the smoke was indestructible.

Seeing Morel locked up, Morel breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the ground.

Using the smoke caused him to consume too much energy

The trapped Pouf wasn’t angry, he had a calm expression on his face.

Morel saw him flapping his wings rapidly, and a powder-like substance spread out.

Once that powder is inhaled, it can hypnotize his opponent. This is one of his Nen Abilities, Spiritual Message.

Although Morel didn’t know about the hypnotic effect, he was well aware of the danger.

At least, he knew that he need to make sure not to inhale the powder.

He didn’t know if it was poison or something else, but he knew it was dangerous.

All in all, he was vigilant and didn’t inhale the powder.

In fact, the scales didn’t just have a hypnotic effect, Once they come in contact with someone’s aura flow, they make it more distinct, allowing Pouf to analyze the blend of 30 emotional patterns and, through them, formulate conjectures about the opponent’s psychological state, personality, and thoughts, so he can formulate strategies accordingly.

With the scales, Pouf could sense Morel’s emotions, which were alertness, awareness, and confidence.

Alertness meant he was alert against the scales and the danger it posed.

Awareness meant that he was aware that he can die at any moment here and was ready for it.

Confidence meant that he was confident about the smoke he created.

The ratio was two, three, and five.

With alertness as the lowest 20%, and awareness at 30%.

This was because Morel thought that Pouf is trapped inside the cage and so he dropped his guard.

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