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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 273: Morel

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The square was completely enveloped in smoke, forming a huge cage.

In desperation, Pouf could only rely on his wings to temporarily stay in midair.

“Is everything alright, Pouf-san?”

Komugi felt that Pouf stopped moving and asked.

Pouf didn’t answer, since the king wasn’t here, he was too lazy to answer Komugi.

If it wasn’t for the King’s orders, he would’ve dropped her right now.

Although Komugi can’t see, she can feel the indifference from Pouf.

So she wisely didn’t ask again.

She understood that Pouf wasn’t the same as the ant king, he doesn’t like her, but that was not a problem, since she hates herself as well.

In order to get out of the cage as soon as possible, Pouf released his Nen.

Although he didn’t have anyone to train him in Nen, he still learned the [En].

He was second only to the Ant king when it comes to Nen usage.

Just when Pouf released his Nen, he felt a dangerous Aura approaching him.

It was undoubtedly a human.

With a move from his wings, Pouf dodged the sneak attack.

Pouf could tell that there is someone in the smoke, even without seeing him.

“Don’t hide, I can feel your location with Nen, a sneak attack is useless against me.”

Hearing Pouf’s sentence, Morel carrying his pipe came out from the smoke.

Pouf’s eyes were fixed on Morel, he knew that the one who attacked him just know wasn’t this guy, but he didn’t say anything.

He knew that there are other humans hidden in the smoke, waiting for an opportunity to attack.

But Pouf wasn’t worried, since he was confident that they can’t sneak upon him.

“Human, did you make the smoke?” Pouf stared at Morel and Asked.

“That’s right, what you see is made by this big pipe,” Morel admitted.

This was his Nen Ability, Smoky Jail, as the name implies, it creates a jail made of smoke.

Morel could control the smoke to form various shapes as he did currently by forming a cage to trap Pouf.

Pouf stared at Morel and said: “Human, do you know how serious the consequences are going to be for trapping me here?”

“The most you could do is kill me.” Morel smiled lightly.

Obviously, Morel was already prepared to die by coming here.

Therefore, he didn’t feel any fear.

“Human, if you remove the smoke and let me go, I will spare your life.” Pouf said.

In the end, he added: “Of course, this includes your companions, but the guy who attacked me, and didn’t dare come out will die.”

“Hehe, in that case, I can’t let you leave.” Morel smiled before becoming serious.

Pouf knew there was another person in the smoke, and Morel knew he was talking about Knuckle.

Knuckle was currently using Zetsu while hiding in the smoke, so he could hide from Pouf and wait for an opportunity to attack.

As for Morel, his task is to use the smoke to trap Pouf and hold him back as much as possible.

“Do you think you can trap me here?” Seeing that Morel didn’t plan to remove the smoke, Pouf’s killing intent exploded out of his body.

If it wasn’t for Morel’s strong mentality, he would’ve been defeated just from the Killing Intent.

Pouf coldly snorted: “I think you need a considerable degree of Nen to maintain this smoke.”

Morel was silent because what Pouf said was true, every minute he had to consume about 1 percent of his Nen.

He could maintain the cage for half an hour while fighting, or else he would be too tired.

Thirty-minute is his limit, and that period of time wasn’t that long, except for Pouf who wanted to execute his King’s order as fast as possible.

Therefore, he couldn’t just wait for that and in the end, he attacked morel.

Morel was ready to fight and directly defended using his pipe.

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