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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 272: Smoke

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The Ant King is supreme and shouldn’t care about a human being, or so thought Pouf.

But he had to admit, that the Ant King had a special place for Komugi in his heart.

“His majesty asked me to protect her and not let her leave, is it because he wants to defeat her in Chess?”

Pouf guessed, but he didn’t ask.

He just obeyed the order and took Komugi away.

Before leaving, Komgi turned to Meruem and asked: “King-sama, can we still play together in the future?”

The King didn’t answer, but he looked at Komugi with tenderness.

‘Komugi, wait for me…’

Meruem thought, but he said seriously: “We’ll play again when I’m done, Komugi.”

During the games with Komugi, the king’s character changed a lot.

The Ant King held Komugi dearly in his heart.

Although she wasn’t strong physically, the power she had in chess was something even he, the Chimera Ant King, recognized.

“I will wait for you, King-sama, you must stay safe,” Komugi said.

In fact, although Komugi couldn’t see due to her blindness, she can still hear everything clearly.

She could hear the thunder coming from outside, and it wasn’t ordinary.

The palace was under attack and many buildings were destroyed.

However, she couldn’t do anything about it, and could only look forward to playing Chess with Meruem again.

After that, Pouf took Komugi and left with her.

Watching Komugi leave, Meruem’s face turned gloomy and his aura exploded from his body.

If those humans didn’t wreak havoc, then he could be still playing chess with Komugi, but they had to interfere and stop the game.

His only thoughts currently were to slaughter the humans.

Pouf flew in the sky with Komugi quickly, as he was eager to return to the king’s side.

This made him unaware that Morel noticed him along with the others outside the palace.

When Pouf flew over the destroyed square, he suddenly stopped as the entire place was covered in smoke, which seemed strange.

“This is…”

Pouf frowned.

The smoke wasn’t a product of flames, and it just appeared there.

When Pouf wanted to pass through, he found that the smoke was like a wall, blocking his way.

Pouf immediately realized that this was not normal smoke, but a Nen ability.

It was here to prevent the Chimera Ants from leaving the Palace.

‘The humans now know I’m here then?’

Pouf thought, but he didn’t hesitate and turned around and flew to another part of the square.

As the most intelligent of the royal guards, Pouf knew that it wasn’t time to engage in battle with the humans.

Although they were annoying, they weren’t ordinary people, but a capable team of strong Nen users.

It would take time to deal with them, but he had no such time to waste here.

The most urgent task is carrying the King’s order, to take Komugi to safety.

The smoke covered a large area, which means that the humans prepared for this for a while now.

Pouf wanted to find another way out, but as soon as he moved, he noticed that the white smoke formed a cage and trapped him from going all directions but above.

Seeing this, Pouf snorted coldly.

Pouf calmed down and looked at the sky.

But he suddenly found that the smoke started covering him from above as well, which blocked every path he had.

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