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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 271: Giant Claw Beast

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At this time, the Thundercloud Allan made filled the sky.

It covered dozens of kilometers with the Palace at the center. Theoretically, as long as the thundercloud remained, lightning bolts will continue to strike down on the palace.

Boom! Boom!

The dark sky was illuminated blue by lightning and in just a few minutes, several buildings were destroyed in the palace.

No matter how powerful the two guards were, they couldn’t defend against that large number of lightning bolts.

Seeing the destruction caused by Allan, the guards were gloomy.

“Damn it!!”

Caesar’s eyes were red and blue veins covered his forehead in anger.

The human’s actions made him furious, half the palace was destroyed.

Noro knew that defending the entire palace was impossible, and said: “I will go to the main hall to protect his Majesty, you stay here.”

Caesar nodded and raised his head to stare at the thundercloud in the sky.

He understood that as long as the thundercloud existed, it will continue releasing lightning bolts to no end.

The Chimera Ants are territorial creatures, and when someone attacks their territory, they won’t tolerate it.

“I have to kill the person who created the thundercloud.”

Caesar clenched his fists and a large amount of Nen gushed out of his body. In a few seconds, a pair of crimson wings manifested behind him.

Since Caesar’s body contained a large number of magical creatures’ genes, he can change the shape of his body.

He wanted to rush toward the sky and deal with the one behind the thundercloud.

“Damn you, I’m coming for you bastard!”

When Caesar flapped his wings, he instantly flew toward the dark clouds in the sky.

On the other hand, Noro arrived above the hall where the king was still playing chess.

At this moment, thunder roared in the sky as lightning bolts struck down on the main hall.


A powerful Nen released from Noro’s body, and in a blink of an eye, he turned into a Giant Claws Beast and directly met the lightning bolt head-on.

The Giant Claws Beast claws countered the lightning bolt and only suffered slight burns.

The sloth’s claws were so hard that even lightning couldn’t hurt them much.

As a royal guard, Noro’s body was also mixed with magical creatures’ genes.

And amongst those genes, there 50% belonged to a Giant Claws Beast.

One of this creature’s characteristics was its giant claws, which can protect it against most attacks.

The arms wielding those claws were extremely strong granting a powerful attack to this magical creature.

Noro, since he had 50% of the creature’s genes, was also granted his claws.

With Nen, he could transform his body and form the claws willingly.

“With me here, the King will never be hurt.”

Facing the falling lightning, Noro’s other hand formed another claw to defend.

The claw almost granted absolute defense for Noro.

At this time, the king finally stopped playing chess with Komugi.

“Take Komugi here out of the palace, it’s no longer safe here.”

The Ant King said with an indifferent face.

Pouf also knew about the situation outside and respectfully said: “My King, you should go as well.”

“No, I want to stay and deal with those guys, you take Komugi and leave.”

“As you order, my king.” Pouf didn’t dare say anything else as he obeyed the king’s orders.

He went toward Komugi and said: “Let’s go, Komugi.”

Then he gracefully picked her, but he didn’t like Komugi even one bit, he was even hostile.

He didn’t understand why the king, who was normally hostile to humans, was concerned about such a frail weak human being like Komugi.

The king even ordered him, a Royal guard, to escort her to safety and protect her.

That isn’t something the king he knew would do.

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