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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 270: Lightning

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Above the thundercloud, Allan witnessed Caesar’s actions and was slightly surprised.

“As expected of a Royal guard, he can actually block that powerful lightning with his flesh. It looks like that guy is the same as Youpi, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to resist a lightning strike of that scale.”

Allan’s mouth curled into a smile. The stronger they were, the more he wanted to fight.

But right now, he shouldn’t be in a hurry, the main event didn’t start yet.

His current goal is to create a thundercloud with enough power to strike down the Palace and force Meruem out.

Killing the Royal guards can wait.

Caesar’s clothes turned to ashes, revealing his monstrous body. His body contained just 10% of human’s genes and the rest was from monsters.

This is why he had an amazing healing factor as well as strong brute force.

As long as he isn’t decapitated or destroyed, he won’t die.

“As long as I’m here, you worms can’t think of destroying the Palace or hurting the king.” Caesar roared at the dark sky.

He was talking about Allan and the rest of the humans there.

However, Allan was about 3,000 meters above the ground, so hear couldn’t hear Caesar at all due to the roaring thunder around him.

Otherwise, he would’ve come down and killed him first.

Kite and others, on the other hand, heard Caesar and were shocked.

Despite such a distance, Caesar’s roar carried some oppression.

All of them, Netero excluded, could tell that this monster was too strong, and may even be able to kill them with just his roars

Of course, if they are prepared, they wouldn’t die, and this time, they were indeed prepared.

They won’t back down unless they eradicate the Chimera Ants.

At this time, everyone heard a crackling sound of lightning and looked at the sky.

A huge bolt of lightning struck down at a building inside the Palace. The palace covers a huge area, and had many buildings, one of them was destroyed just now.


On the roof of another building, Caesar clenched his fists.

Just a second ago, he declared that no one will destroy the Palace as long as he is there, and a second later, a building fell.

This is simply getting slapped hard.

However, it also made him realize that what he blocked was just the first lightning from the thundercloud, and more are on their way.
The other guard, Noro, who was standing beside Caesar frowned.

Noro didn’t imagine a human could possess the ability to control the force of Nature.

At this moment, two lightning bolts quickly fell down from the sky.

Two buildings were destroyed.

Not only did the building fall, but the lightning-caused them to burn.

And the flame started spreading.

Afterward, lightning strikes kept falling down one after the other destroying everything in their path.

The number of lightning strikes caused Caesar and Noro to be dumbfounded.

Unexpectedly, the thundercloud could release thunder continuously.

At first, it was just one, then two, then four…

If this continues, within two minutes, the entire palace would be destroyed.

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