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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 269: Thunderclouds

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The huge roar of thunder attracted the attention of the Ant King and his guards, Komugi who was playing chess was frightened.

However, Meruem didn’t stop playing the game.

The three guards looked at each other with tacit understanding.

They knew that the sound of thunder was from the hall in front of the palace, where the soldiers were gathered, which means that the humans are here.

The Guards’ faces were gloomy because the humans dared to attack them so late in the night.

Noro and Caesar left the hall together and went to check on the situation.

Pouf stayed by the king’s side.

“What?! The entire square is destroyed?”

The two guards who came to investigate outside were shocked when they saw the destruction.

“All the soldiers we stationed here are killed. It seems to be caused by a lightning strike.” Noro said gloomily.

“Damn! Who the hell did this?!” Caesar looked around but he didn’t see anyone.

“We should go back into the palace, in case those humans attacked.”

The two guards returned to the palace, however, they didn’t go into the main hall to report, instead, they stayed on the roof.

Two thousand meters above the palace, Allan floated with his Thunder fruit power, looking at the destruction he caused.

Now it was time to attack the palace.

The Palace was three times as big as the square that was just destroyed.

So, he can’t just the same attack, as it won’t be effective.

Therefore, to destroy the entire palace with one strike, he needed stronger lightning.

At the same time, Kite and the others reached the palace but didn’t get too close.

When they saw the square destroyed, their eyes widened.

Although they didn’t see how Allan did it, the power behind the strike was clear.

Most of them knew that they can’t cause such destruction even if they used all of their powers.

“It seems that Allan really has the ability to destroy the palace,” Morel said.

Afterward, everyone raised their heads and looked at the sky.

At this time, Allan was already three thousand meters above the palace.

At this altitude, Allan was confident that the Ant King won’t discover him.

Even if they did discover him, they won’t have enough time to rush toward him

To destroy the palace in one hit requires a very strong attack.

Ordinary lightning strikes won’t do, he needed something stronger.

Allan released lightning from his hands toward the clouds, forming a thundercloud.

In just a few seconds, the thundercloud was flashing with lightning.

“Damn it, what is that?!”

“Why is it only above the palace?”

“It must be some kind of trick by those people.”

On the roof of the palace, Noro and Caesar looked at the thundercloud and exclaimed.

Thunderclouds were powerful natural forces, even monsters like them didn’t dare underestimate it.

“I can’t think of a guy with such power in the human extermination team,” Caesar said seriously. He suddenly knew how much he underestimated the power of those humans.

“So, the square outside was destroyed by lightning.” Noro clenched his fists and raised his head.

“Now, they want to destroy the palace.”

“If that thundercloud releases a lightning strike, the palace will be destroyed without a doubt.” Caesar continued gloomily: “And at that time, the king will be hurt.”

“Yes, we have to find a way to stop it.” Noro also realized the seriousness of the matter at hand.

On the other side, Kite, Gon, and the others all noticed the thunderclouds above the palace.

“What’s going on, it’s not raining.” Menchi wondered.

“It must be Allan’s masterpiece,” Killua said.

He knew that Allan could use the power of Lightning, so this must be it.

The other was silent, although they also knew that Allan could use lightning, they didn’t expect it to reach such an extent.

It is almost as if he is controlling the lightning from nature.

“Although I don’t know how he does it, it seems like he intends to destroy the palace with that thundercloud,” Kite said.

Morel followed: “We must be prepared, once Allan strikes, we must be ready to rush forward.”

Above the Palace, Allan has already completed forming the thundercloud and turned his eyes toward the palace, pointed his finger down, and said: “Fall!”

Suddenly, a thick lightning strike flashed in the thundercloud before falling down toward the Palace.

On the roof, Noro and Caesar’s faces changed, the latter directly jumped up and received the lightning strike on his body.

The powerful lightning strike slammed on his body with devastating power.

Everyone from the extermination team witnessed this scene and opened their mouths in shock.

The monster called Caesar actually used his body to block that lightning strike.

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