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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 285: Kite’s Support

Noro took advantage of the situation and stuck Knuckle, sending him flying again.

Knuckle spat blood as he hit the ground.

Although he used Ken for defense, Noro’s power was just too much for him.

Noro wanted to quickly attack once again and end Knuckles.

While Noro’s claw was heading toward Knuckle to finish him off, Shoot arrived at the last moment and saved him.

Shoot controlled his three hands and attacked Noro, who evaded two of them, but the last one managed to hit his left claw.

Noro’s claws were hit best attack and defense, and since Shoot managed to hit one of them, he can seal them in his Hotel Rafflesia.

Losing a claw was like losing a weapon to Noro, and it would definitively affect his combat power.

This irritated him greatly, and coupled with his right eye, he was sending killing intent in waves at Shoot.

He ignored the critically injured Knuckle and headed toward Shoot, attacking with his right claw.

Shoot tried his best to move away and dodge Noro’s attacks.

While dodging, he was also looking for opportunities to attack.

Although Noro’s left claw and right eye were missing, he wasn’t weak and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Especially now that he is enraged.

Shoot was doing his best, dodging and attacking at the same time.

Noro dodged the hands, but at the last second, one of them touched his left eye.

Suddenly everything turned black as both eyes were sealed inside Shoot’s Hotel Rafflesia.

But while sealing that eye, Shoot was hit and was sent flying, and spat a large mouthful of blood.

Noro didn’t take advantage of the situation this time, because unlike before, he couldn’t see anymore.

To some extent, he was blind.

If he can’t deal with the Hotel Rafflesia ability, then he will remain blind forever, and the easiest way to get rid of this ability is killing Shoot.

However, since he is currently blind, he won’t be able to find Shoot and could only detect Nen.

Not far away, Both Shoot and Knuckle were lying on the ground, seriously injured and their mobility was greatly reduced.

Noro approached them, and both tried to stand up and continue fighting, but it was very difficult to even stand up now.

If they don’t get treated quickly, they might even die because of blood loss from the claw’s wounds.

“You guys will die now!”

Noro relied on Nen detection, the circle known as EN to find Knuckle and Shoot, and launched his attack.

At this moment, a strong slash hit Noro.

“Who’s there?”

Both Knuckle and Shoot were taken aback.

Then, they saw a figure slowly coming over with a huge scythe

This person was Kite, and that slash came from Kite’s scythe.

Seeing Kite, Both Knuckle and Shoot sighed in relief.

“Sorry, I’m late,” Kite said.

“No, you came just in time.” Shoot replied.

“Yeah, if you didn’t come, we might’ve died just now,” Knuckle said.

Shoot then said: “That monster’s eyes and one of his claws are sealed in Hotel Rafflesia, so He’s fighting power is greatly reduced. You should be able to defeat him.”

“It’s up to you now, Kite,” Knuckle said.

“Well, leave it to me.” Kite didn’t say anything else and just nodded.

Although Noro temporarily lost his eyes, he was still a strong opponent.

Immediately after, Kite and Noro started their fight.

The two clashed head-on before jumping back, pushing down the surrounding trees from the collision.

Kite held his scythe, not afraid of Noro’s claw.

Normally, Kite wouldn’t be strong enough to fight Noro.

But now, Knuckle and Shoot weakened him enough, while Kite was still in optimum condition.

“Silent Waltz!”

After a fierce battle for a few minutes, Kite used his best attack.

An astonishing slash split Noro in two, killing him.

Although he successfully killed Noro, Kite was temporarily unable to go and assist Killua as he used almost all of his power in this fight.

On the other side of the battlefield, Killua was in his Godspeed Mode, battling against Pouf.

Killua was fast enough to fight Pouf, but he wasn’t strong enough to kill him.

Pouf was slightly slower than Killua, and his attacks weren’t enough to kill the latter, his only advantages were his physical body and Nen.

So, even after a while, Pouf wasn’t able to kill Killua.

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