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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 286: Ant King

Inside a deep pit near the Palace, a black charred body rested.

The owner of this body was Caesar, the royal guard of the ant king.

In the previous fight, he was killed by Allan using the Rumble fruit.

As for Allan, he already rejoined Netero.

Netero was amazed that not only did Allan destroy the palace, but he also killed one of the guards in such a short time.

Because even for him, he would take some time and effort to do it.

However, Allan easily killed a royal guard without taking any damage while doing so.

This made Netero feel fortunate, fortunate that Allan was here with them, or the consequences would’ve been unpredictable.

The two took the initiative to move toward the Ant King, and the latter was already eying them.

No, to be precise, the Ant King was only looking at Allan.

As for Netero, although he seemed strong, only Allan gave the king an urge to fight.

“You destroyed our Palace and Killed our guard. You’re strong and courageous, we really want to fight you.” The ant king looked directly at Allan and said seriously.

Allan shrugged and said: “Okay, but I’m slightly tired now, if you want to fight me, you might as well let me rest for a bit so I can fight with all of my power. In that case, you can have more fun.”

“Yes, I will let you rest for half an hour,” Meruem said.

“Then, during that time, let the person beside me play with you. He has the highest status in our organization. His name is Isaac Netero, and he is recognized by all humans to be one of the strongest, if not the strongest alive.” Allan pointed at Netero as he introduced him.

The Ant King looked at Netero and said: “No, he isn’t strong enough, he isn’t our opponent.”

He could see the difference at a glance?

As expected of the ant king.

Allan looked at Netero, who was looking at the Ant King.

“Oh, he is arrogant alright.” Netero smiled while holding his goatee, not angry because the Ant King looked down on him.

After taking a closer look at the Ant King, Netero knew that this Chimera Ant is the strongest opponent he may have ever faced in his life.

In other words, the ant king wasn’t being arrogant, but simply stating the truth.

However, if it was fifty years ago, he may have a chance at fighting the current king, but not now.

Netero smiled.

In his old age, his strength grew weaker, he wasn’t as strong as before.

And his mentality changed as well.

Originally, he was full of fighting spirit for this battle, he had great confidence that he could defeat the Ant King.

But now, he knew that the Ant King’s power exceeded his expectations.

His self-confidence wasn’t there anymore.

He just wanted to test himself against such a strong foe right now.

“Alright, I will play with you.”

Seeing the look in Netero’s eyes and the Nen he radiated, Meruem finally agreed to fight Netero.

“Let’s fight somewhere else.”

“Okay.” The Ant King agreed.

“Then let me lead the way.”

Afterward, Allan manifested a Dragon.

The three of them flew toward the mountain more than ten kilometers away.

Below, Pouf who was fighting Killua saw this and shouted: “King!”

But his voice wasn’t strong enough to reach thousands of meters.

Meruem didn’t notice Pouf.

Pouf watched the King go away and finally decided to leave Killua and head to his king’s side.

Seeing this, Killua caught up with Pouf and prevented him from leaving.

On the other side, after a few minutes of flying, Allan and the others landed in a valley dozens of Kilometers away.

The valley was large and suitable for combat.

“Here is fine.” The Ant King said.

Netero also had the same thought, as the place seemed suitable, and said: “Ant King, this will be your burial place.”

The Ant King responded coldly: “I will return that sentence to you, human.”

The match was about to start, and Allan found a rock some distance away and sat down to recover and watch the fight.

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