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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 288: Netero’s Killing Intent

“This guy…”

Watching the Ant King slowly walking yet again out of a fallen mountain, without a scratch, Netero was greatly surprised, as he didn’t think that even after so many attacks, the Ant King won’t receive a single injury.

He never encountered an opponent with such strong physic before in his life.

The 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva attack didn’t cause any damage at all.

Therefore, Netero knew stronger moves are needed.

The Ant King didn’t attack, he looked directly at Netero and after a moment, he said: “Your name is Netero, right? We shall remember you.”

Netero sneered coldly: “It seems to be my honor to be remembered by a monster like you.”

The Ant King seemed to be angry because Netero called him a monster, and said indifferently: “I don’t know if you are the strongest of the humans, but from your performance, we admire your power.”

The Ant King paused, and said: “But you’re still not our opponent, so step back, if you give up now, I won’t attack you.”

“You mean, you want to let me go?” Netero asked while scratching the back of his head as if confused.

The ant king replied in a deep voice: “I originally thought that you humans were just weak creatures not distinguishable from domestic animals, not worth the effort, but that concept has changed.

I know that in this world, there are a few humans that have value to keep alive.

You belong to the few rare humans, and I find it a pity to kill you.

If you swear allegiance to me now, after I rule the world, you can still retain your current identity, but work under me.”

Netero’s face darkened.

He looked directly at the Ant King and his killing intent was unleashed.

“Boy, you seem to think too highly of yourself, and you are delusional if you think you can rule us. You’re no more than a brat.”

Netero was completely irritated by the Ant King’s lofty attitude.

He hasn’t been angry for a long time now, and his body released every last bit of killing intent.

As a human, an old man to bout, experiencing over a hundred years of existence, to be mocked and looked down upon by the ant king, who was only a few months old, was infuriating.

However, the Ant King, relying on his superior race, dared act like he was the experienced one and like he was praising a child.

This caused Netero to be extremely angry.

Feeling Netero’s killing intent, the King’s expression darkened as he looked Netero straight in the eye and said: “We understand, since you choose to fight to the death, I will grant you your death.”

“Killing me huh, it won’t be easy.”

In the next moment, Netero’s Nen exploded out of his body, and the aura contained thick killing intent.

Before fighting Meruem, Netero trimmed his beard and eyebrows and wore a short and a t-shirt with a heart picture on it.

His appearance made it look like he was a helpless old man, but the muscle he had were full of energy and vitality, that any hundred something old man would lack.

Netero folded his hands together and activated his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva again.

The Golden statue of Bodhisattva appeared behind him and golden hands rained on the ant king.

The Ant King didn’t sit still this time, he also used his Nen and rushed at Netero with Killing intent.

Because he felt Netero’s killing intent this time, he didn’t dare to take Netero’s attack anymore.


The King was hit and flew away, before he could land, another hand struck him and slapped him away in another direction.

Although the king was strong and had great defense, his speed wasn’t up to the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva’s, so he wasn’t able to approach Netero.

In this way, the Ant King suffered multiple and intense attacks from the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva in the air.

10, 20, 50 strikes.

In just ten seconds, the king was slapped from one place to another.

However, the Ant King didn’t stop trying to attack Netero and kept adjusting his posture whenever he was knocked in the air, trying to find an opportunity to attack.

He believed that Netero wasn’t as strong as him, and he wanted to use that to his advantage, he kept attacking Netero even though he couldn’t reach him, and in a war of attrition, Netero won’t be able to last long.

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