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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 290: Zero Hand

Netero was once recognized as the Strongest Nen user in the world, and the Ant king is the strongest of the Chimera Ants.

The battle between the two can be considered a battle between the human race and the chimera ant race.

The 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva’s attacks were faster than sound.

The Ninety-Nine hand didn’t seem to have an end, as it kept bombarding the ant king one palm after the other.

Facing such a move, the Ant King had no power to counterattack.

In just a few seconds, He was hit hundreds of times.

The ground was being reshaped and rocks flew across the distance as if they were being bombarded by cannons.

After a while, Netero stopped his attack.

In a huge pit, the ant king stood.

Although he went through hundreds of attacks, he doesn’t seem to have suffered at all.

“What an amazingly strong body.”

Netero was amazed by the powerful body of the ant king.

The ant king moved.

He disappeared from his place as he rushed toward Netero.

The distance between the two didn’t seem to exist as he was in one place and in the next instant he was elsewhere.

The moment Netero saw the Ant King disappear, he directly attacked with his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva.

However, the ant king dodged past the golden palm and moved straight to him.

Netero’s foot was cut off by the ant king, using his hand like a knife.

Blood splashed out and Netero’s face was gloomy.

He was astonished actually.

He didn’t expect the ant King to be that fast.

Netero slapped his thigh where his leg was severed and stopped the bleeding.

On the cliff, Allan who saw this knew that the fight was about to end.

The ant king felt Netero’s Nen not weaken even though his leg was cut off.

On the contrary, it was getting stronger.

Seeing this, Meruem said coldly: “Are you going to use your last move? That means that you’re exhausted.”

Netero said coldly: “Ant King, you’re indeed strong, the next move is my strongest, if you can block it, then I lose.”

“I will definitively stop it.”

The ant king said confidently.

Netero raised his hands as if to pray.

Netero’s movement seemed slow, but it was extremely fast.

The ant King moved at this moment and closed into Netero before severing one of his hands.

Netero who lost one foot and one arm seemed to lose his vitality.

In the eyes of the Ant King, Netero can’t continue fighting.

“This battle, you lost.” The Ant king said.

He didn’t kill Netero since the latter gave him a good fighting experience, but that only if Netero admit defeat and surrendered.

But that’s obviously not happening.

Ignoring the pain, Netero looked at the Ant King calmly and said gloomily: “The last move can be used, even if I don’t have any limb left, I can pray to activate it, Ant King.”

Netero was serious

He wasn’t trying to act strong, and this made the Ant King frown.

But what surprised him, even more, was Netero’s aura getting stronger again.

“I will tell you, Ant King, the prayer isn’t done with hands or feet, but with the heart.”

This is Netero’s last resort, meant to be used only when he cannot utilize any other of Guanyin’s abilities. Netero first prays with all his heart, raising only one hand.

No words can describe this move.

The Ant King was stunned.

The bodhisattva then appeared behind Ant king and tenderly clasps him with its palms.

This is the Zero Hand.

Without having time to react, the Ant King was already within the bodhisattva’s palms.

The bodhisattva looked at the ant king lovingly and then caressed him gently.

The ant king didn’t resist.

It was like returning to his mother, as he felt warm.

However, the ant king suddenly woke up from his dream-like state, as the pair of palms held him firmly and killing intent drowned on him like an ocean.

Even if he struggled with all his might, he won’t be able to escape this move.

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