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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 291: Lost

A second later, numerous particles of light emerged from the open mouth of the Bodhisattva, and finally, it launched an attack with all the energy Netero had left.

The energy bomb was fired from the mouth of the bodhisattva forming a huge beam of light that blasted the Ant King.

This was definitively the strongest move a human could have, the ultimate power a human could attain.

The Zero hand exhausted all of Netero’s vitality.

Netero raised his middle finger at the ant king and said: “Go to death, Ant King.”

A huge cloud of dust and smoke rose into the sky covering the entire valley as it rose into the sky.

For the first time, the ant king felt the true power of the humans.

When the light beam disappeared, the valley was completely silent, as the dust started settling down.

“Did I kill him?”

Netero slumped weakly on the ground, his eyes looking at the smoke and dust in front of him.

But after his sentence, a figure slowly walked out, and it was the Ant King.

His whole body was covered in scars, and it was obvious that he received damage from the last move.

But it was just that, he was damaged, not killed.

“Even Zero Hand can’t kill you, what a monster.”

At this moment, Netero smiled warily.

Even after exhausting his vitality, he failed to seriously hurt his enemy.

This was indeed an eye-opener for him.

The ant king looked at Netero from a distance and his mind wasn’t as calm as he looked.

He felt the astonishing vitality a moment ago, and now, it seemed that nothing was left of it.

Netero seemed to age quickly.

He looked old, too old, like a withered flower.

It indicates that his life has come to an end.

“It was you who lost.” The Ant King said, but he didn’t attack Netero again.

Netero tried his best to speak: “It’s indeed this old man who lost.”

The King then seriously said: “Although you lost, you have impressed us, I enjoyed the battle.”

“Haha, you can do it now,” Netero said.

The ant king replied coldly: “I don’t need to do anything; you will die soon. You exhausted all of your life energy and you will die.”

At this time, the ant king sat cross-legged and said: “I want to see what a human being will look like as he finally dies due to his life force extinguishing.”

“Hahaha.” Netero smiled.

He was indeed dying.

He used the Zero hand with every last bit of energy he had, however, he didn’t expect the ant king to be curious about his death.

It really didn’t know what kind of creature a human being was.

“In my body, a weapon sufficient to kill you was installed. Poor man’s rose, a bomb that once my heart stops beating, will go off. This will definitely kill you.”

Hearing this, the ant king thought about Netero’s words.

“Why tell me this?” the ant king asked.

Then he suddenly said: “Are you telling me to escape?”

Netero replied: “I know that you won’t run away, because you don’t believe that a dying human can have any means to kill you.”

Yes, the ant king won’t escape.

“I even resisted your strongest attack, what can a mere human weapon do?”

Netero replied: “Then you can wait and die.”

He knew that the Ant king was arrogant, and wouldn’t believe him, that’s why he said it.

Netero closed his eyes, before slowly raising his skinning right hand and moving his finger toward his heart.

The Ant King didn’t stop him, because he wanted to see what will happen when the weapon would go off.

However, just as Netero was about to kill himself, a hand-blocked his finger.

The Ant King’s pupil shrank slightly.

Allan stood beside Netero as he stopped that finger from penetrating the latter’s chest.

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