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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 292: Allan Stepping In

“Sorry Chairman, I’m late.”

Hearing Allan’s voice, Netero opened his eyes.

“Are you going to fight?” Netero asked.

Allan nodded, and looked directly at the Ant King before saying to Netero: “Hey, didn’t you say before that I got to fight if you couldn’t win?”

Hearing this, Netero explained: “To be honest, I thought you left after seeing my fight.”

“What do you mean?” Allan was confused.

“After watching my fight and how badly I lost, I thought you would leave and save yourself,” Netero said.

“So, In your eyes, I’m not as good as the ant king, chairman?” Allan smiled.

But he didn’t blame Netero for underestimating him, the ant king’s power was quite amazing.

Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva didn’t cause much damage except for the 99th hand and the Zero hand, which were also almost as ineffective.

Netero replied: “You’re very strong, but the Ant King is stronger. Even my Zero Hand couldn’t cause him much damage.” Netero sighed.

Allan shrugged and said: “So, you planned to commit suicide and take the ant king with you?”

“Hehehe, After all, this old man is already on his last breath, if there is nothing else we could do, I can only sacrifice my life for the greater good,” Netero said with a helpless tone.

“Chairman, the dedication and self-sacrifice for the future of mankind is really admirable,” Allan said with a Thumb up.

“If it were you, what would you choose?” Netero asked.

“Oh, I’m not as great as the chairman, I don’t want to sacrifice my life to die with the enemy.” Allan scratched the back of his head and said honestly.

Netero was willing to die to ensure that mankind doesn’t go extinct due to the ants, which Allan greatly admired.

“Then why did you come here instead of running away? Could it be you’re still confident in defeating the king after seeing my fight?” Netero asked.

“Well, yes, I already knew how strong the king was, however, he isn’t an invincible existence,” Allan replied.

“Huh?” After hearing this, Netero said: “It seems that you still didn’t go all out against me before, I’m really curious about your power now.”

“Well, I have a few hidden cards, enough to defeat him,” Allan said sincerely.

Netero nodded: “In that case I’m relieved, then I’ll leave it to you. I’m an old man, even if I don’t kill myself, I will soon die, but I hope to last long enough to see defeat the ant king.”

“Don’t worry, you will have a chance to witness everything. Besides, I won’t let you die like this, Chairman.”

Hearing Allan’s words, Netero was puzzled, as he asked: “What do you mean? Can you save a dying old man like me?”

“Well, before I go fight with the king, you can eat this first,” Allan said.

“What’s this?”

Seeing the bean Allan gave him, Netero was puzzled.

“That’s a Senzu Bean,” Allan replied.

“Eat it, I believe you will be surprised.”

This was the only Senzu Bean Allan had, and originally, he planned to preserve it for the fight with the king if needed.

But, since Netero was about to die, Allan decided to give it to him, since he needs it.

Netero was the Hunter Association’s pillar and the one who kept it standing. The impact would be big if he dies.

Moreover, Allan admired Netero from the bottom of his head, and he didn’t want him to die.

Netero has never heard about something called a Senzu bean before and didn’t know about its effect, but he believed in Allan.

After a few seconds after eating the Senzu Bean, Netero’s dried-up body and old face started regaining brilliance.

His originally skinny body started getting more muscular and his vitality seemed to return again.

He almost returned to his state before the fight started.

Not far away, the ant king witnessed the recovery and widened his eyes in amazement.

It was incredible.

A dying old man recovered instantly by just eating a thumb-sized bean.

The ant king could feel the vitality in Netero’s body recovering quickly, but Netero was the one shocked most as it was happening in his body.

“What a magical bean, it restored my life and vitality. I was just dying and now I’m as good as new.”

Allan just smiled.

“Allan, thank you, you saved my life. I will remember this huge favor.” Netero said.

“It’s okay chairman, now, leave the rest to me.”

“Do you want me to help? I have fully recovered, if we fight together, we should be able to kill him.” Netero said.

“Don’t worry, Chairman, let me do it alone,” Allan said.

“Well, ok.” Netero didn’t insist and left the battlefield to observe from a distance.

Netero fully recovered, and even if Allan couldn’t defeat the ant king, Netero would fight again and if needed, he would use the Poor Man’s rose.

In short, the Ant King won’t leave this valley alive.

This is for the survival of the human race.

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