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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 293: Pain

In the big Valley, Allan and the Ant King faced each with tens of meters between them.

They looked at each other without making a move.

Suddenly, Allan heard his system giving him a choice.

[Ding! Make a choice]

[1: Before starting the fight with the ant king, turn around and run. Reward: Golden Treasure Chest.]

[2: Without much nonsense, fight with the Ant King and kill him. Reward: God-level Treasure chest]

Without hesitation, Allan picked the second option.

Since he was here to fight, he won’t escape no matter what.

In this battle, either the king dies, or he dies, both of them can’t exist at the same time after this.

He already had this mentality before he came here, so he was prepared to use all his power in this fight.

Although the ant king is strong, Allan had many trump cards and abilities, he can kill the ant king.

“Come on, Meruem,” Allan said.

“Unexpectedly, you know my name.” The ant king said.

“Hehe, of course, I know. Now then, Meruem, do you best.” Allan said provocatively.

“I will grant you that wish then.” The ant king said indifferently.

In the next second, the king disappeared and rushed toward Allan.

Allan could see the king, but if he used soru, he won’t be fast enough, so instead, he used Flash step.

However, he didn’t use it to run away or hide, but he was heading toward the ant king.

In the next instant, the king’s attack was blocked by Allan.

From a distance, one could only see two blurs colliding, one being purple while the other is blue.

With them at the center, a bright pillar of light flew toward the sky.

Taking a closer look, Allan’s hand was covered in black while he pushed against the ant king’s palm.

This is the Armament Haki’s when it reaches a high level.

It improved Allan’s power greatly.

Allan observed the battle between the ant king and Netero and knew how strong the former was.

If he use his Nen to fight the ant king, Allan was sure that he would die.

Even Netero’s overpowered Nen was defeated by the ant king, what can his Nen do against this monster.

So even if he use Nen to attack or defend, it would mean nothing to the ant king.

That’s why Allan wasn’t using Nen against the ant king.

He could only fight with other abilities.

“You’re quite strong if you can block my attack.” Said the ant king.

He wasn’t surprised because he knew that Allan was powerful.

“Same to you,” Allan replied.

The ant king was amazingly strong, and he could only resist using Armament Haki.

“Then let me see how many attacks can you stop.”

When his voice fell, the ant king launched another attack.

Allan wasn’t afraid at all and used observation and armament Haki to fight with him.

While using Armament Haki can strengthen Allan’s attack and defense, observation Haki read his opponent and even predict the future.

Observation Haki along with Flash steps can help Allan keep up with the ant king.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, explosions filled the valley.

Netero witnessed the battle with surprise: “Allan is really fierce in a close battle. His offense, defense, and speed seem to match the king’s, maybe he can really kill him.”

IN the valley, the battle continued.

Allan and the ant king kept colliding and exchanging attacks.

The ant king didn’t show his real power from the star, but when he found that Allan can compete with him, he realized that Allan was strong than he expected.

“You really didn’t disappoint me.” The Ant King said.

Allan responded with an attack.

“Shinra Tensei.”

The ant king was pushed back immediately by the mysterious power in Allan’s hand.

“This is…”

The ant king frowned.

He didn’t expect Allan to have such power.

As strong as he is, he couldn’t resist that power.

“Banshō Ten’in!”

Allan raised his hand at the Ant King, and instantly, the ant king was pulled by a strong gravitational force.

“Armament: Hardening!”

While being such toward Allan, the latter covered his fist in Haki and punched.

The ant king flew far away and destroyed a hill on his way.

The entire attack didn’t even take two seconds, a strategy Allan thought off on the fly.

And the ant king suffered more damage from that attack than he did after fighting Netero.

After receiving that punch, the ant king actually felt pain.

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