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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 295: The Ant King is Injured

But, the ant king guessed wrong this time.

Allan didn’t intend to use Shinra Tensei anymore.

Not only that, he didn’t plan on using Bansho Ten’in as well.

Because Allan knew that the combination of Shinra Tensei and Bansho Ten’in can’t be used on the Ant King anymore.

The king would be greatly alert to those two techniques and he won’t be hit by them. The same trick doesn’t work twice for him.

Furthermore, Shinra Tensei and Bansho Ten’in weren’t invincible techniques, they had a cooldown of five seconds.

So, they can’t be used continuously.

However, it wasn’t like he won’t use them no matter what, when they have a use, he will use them.

It’s also clear that Shinra Tensei and Bansho Ten’in can’t cause much damage to the ant king.

At this moment, the Ant King moved.

He punched from a distance, causing his Nen to travel toward Allan at a great speed, destroying the ground on its trail.

Allan jumped up, and as soon as he did, the ant king attack him.

Allan wasn’t afraid, and with Haki, he predicted and blocked the ant king’s attacks.

The ant king’s expression changed slightly as he was surprised by Allan’s reaction speed.

“Could it be, he saw through my attack?”

While fighting, the ant king realized this, but he didn’t stop attacking.

Regardless of whether Allan predicted his attacks or not, the ant king believed that as long as he continue attacking, Allan won’t be able to follow him.

As long as Allan reveals a little flaw, the Ant King was confident in killing him.

Allan knew what the ant king was thinking, and indeed, he wasn’t as good in terms of endurance and physical strength as this monster.

Being able to fight head to head with the ant king depended entirely on his Haki.

Over time, he won’t be able to withstand the Ant King’s attacks.

Allan knew this very well.

Therefore, he will not fight a war of attrition with the ant king and come to a quick decision.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ant king’s attacks were simple, lacked style, and used brute force.

Although his moves were crude, they were also the most direct and effective.

Once hit, the consequences would be dire.

If it weren’t for the Haki, Allan wouldn’t dare fight the ant king in close combat.


A powerful momentum erupted from Allan as he used Conqueror Haki.

The ant king was shocked for a split second and Allan used it to his advantage.

“Ice Time!”

When the ant King came back to his senses, he was already covered in ice.

It happened so fast that the ant king couldn’t react.

He became an Ice Scripture while maintaining his attacking posture.

Even when frozen, his aura still radiated strongly.

Allan dared not take this lightly, he knew very well that the ant king won’t be trapped for more than a few seconds.

Allan quickly gathered his power and used the highest form of Armament Haki, the Ryou, and clenched his fist.

The Ryou form of Haki is an advanced form of hardening that can cause damage directly to the enemy’s internals.

No matter how strong the body is, it can’t defend against this attack.

The frozen ant king took Allan’s punch firmly.

The power behind the punch broke the ice and sent the Ant King flying away before he hit a mountain and stopped.

Allan didn’t take advantage of the situation to chase after the ant king, because he wanted to see how much damage his last attack managed to do.

The dust slowly dissipated as the ant king slowly stood up with a pale face.

His mouth dripped with purple blood.

“The Ryou is really strong.” Allan was overjoyed.

The ant king wiped the blood from his mouth and stared at Allan with cold eyes: “You actually made me bleed and feel pain. I have to admit you’re strong, strong enough to hurt me, I will remember you.”

Allan could feel it, it seems that the ant king was going all out now.

This also shows that the ant king can’t be careless anymore.

This shows Allan’s power, which threatened the Ant King.

The battle was about to get more intense.

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