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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 296: Angry Ant King

The ant king rushed toward Allan and in a blink of an eye, he crossed tens of meters.

Flash Step!

Allan directly dodged.

He knew that the moment the Ant King got serious, his power will grow exponentially.

Physical strength is limited, and armament Haki can’t defend for long, Allan won’t be able to match the ant king for long as it is.

“Rankyaku!” Allan kicked while moving back.

An azure blue slash flashed out and rushed toward the ant king who wasn’t expecting Allan to have this kind of skill.

He was hit by the Rankyaku but he wasn’t hurt even a bit.

That attack can’t break his defense.

This was also within Allan’s expectation, as the next attack was his true aim.

“Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!”

Allan formed hand seals quickly before spitting a large mouthful of flames that turned into a huge wave and swept toward the ant king.

The ant king was directly swallowed by the flames.

The flames turned one-third of the valley into a sea of flames.

Allan thought that even if the ant king was strong, it won’t be safe from this attack.

Allan’s strategy was using different skills to overwhelm the ant king. He won’t use a technique more than three times.

As for a large flame-like the great fire annihilation, Allan will only use it once.

The reason was simple, if he was hit once, the ant king will be wary of that skill and the chance of him getting caught in it once more was close to zero.

The flames gradually dissipated and a figure appeared in Allan’s sight.

He saw the ant king’s arms scorched black, and many burn marks appeared on his body.

The ant king blocked the flames with his arms, but he couldn’t completely defend himself as he was swallowed by the flames.

The flames were different from other attacks, as it was enough to injure the ant king.

If someone else was in the ant king’s place, he would’ve been burnt to crisps.

The king stared at Allan with eyes full of killing intent.

He didn’t expect that Allan would be able to force him into such a state. He, the Chimera Ant King, had sustained such injuries by a mere human.


The ant king’s anger reached its peak.

He rushed at Allan violently, but surprisingly, Allan didn’t dodge.

He stared at the ant king and raised his arm, his muscle enlarged as he punched.

Nail punch!

Allan used the Nail punch to counter the Ant King’s attack.


A shockwave broke out, creating violent winds that passed through the entire valley.

After the collision, both sides separated briefly.

“How is this possible? Why does he still have so much power? Is this guy really human?”

The ant king looked at Allan in the distance as he wandered.

Because Allan’s power exceeded all his expectations.

What’s more frightening was Allan’s calmness, he seemed at ease.

This meant he wasn’t going all out yet.

He still had other cards up his sleeve.

The ant king frowned; his enemy was a tricky one.

While the ant king was contemplating, Allan suddenly launched an attack.


The ant king was surprised that Allan would initiate an attack.

The biggest surprise was the method he used to attack.

“Ice spears!”

Allan activated the power of his Ice fruit and two huge ice spears condensed in front of him. Before long, the spears were thrown like arrows at the ant king.

The ant king snorted before flicking his tail and destroying the spears.

However, Allan’s attack didn’t end there.

“Ice Time capsule.”

The special thing about this attack was that anything hit by it will be frozen solid.

The Ant king underestimated this attack and he was frozen instantly.

Crack! Crack!

Without waiting for Allan to attack, the king broke out of the ice.

“You think this will freeze me; you really underestimate me.” The ant king said coldly.

Allan wasn’t surprised as he said: “How about you try this.”

Allan raised his hands.

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