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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 297: Ice Age

The cold air swept over at the ant king and a tornado was formed in an instant.

The ant king was at the center of the tornado and after a few seconds, the ant king was frozen in a diamond-shaped ice cube.

Looking at the Ant king, Allan smiled slightly and said: “Now, how many seconds do you need to get out?”

One second, two seconds, three seconds.

Suddenly the ice cracked and the ant king broke free.

The ant king was breathing heavily as the coldness affected his body.

“It was flames, now it’s ice, what’s with this guy? Why can he use the ability of nature.”

The king stared at Allan in the distance in surprise and confusion.

How did a human obtain those powers?

Those powers have surpassed anything a human can do.

“Very well, if this is the case, I will use everything I have.”

The ant king gave a low growl as his Nen burst out and dispelled the coldness in his body.

“What a terrifying aura.”

After feeling The Nen emanating from the ant king, Allan’s face became serious.

And on the cliff a few hundred meters away, Netero’s face was gloomy.

“The ant king’s aura is terrifying, but then again, if Allan can push him to this point, then he must have what it takes to cope with him.”

The Nen around the ant king’s body was like a red coat covering him.

“This is…”

Allan frowned.

There is no doubt, that this is the ant king’s ability.

“It seems that his ability is to increase his external defense. Well, let’s try it.”

Allan lifted his hand, and a few ice spears appeared.

“Bansho Ten’in!”

In an instant, Allan’s hand wanted to pull the ant king toward him, but the already vigilant Ant king moved the moment Allan raised his hand.


Allan fired the ice spears.

The Ant king could easily avoid them, but he didn’t.


The ice spears shattered as soon as they hit the ant king’s body.

With a wave, Allan launched a few other ice spears at the ant king, who snorted and didn’t move.


All the spears chattered once again.

Alan expected this and decided since small attacks can’t hurt him, then what about a big one.

With a wave of his hand, a huge, hundred meters ball of ice was formed above the valley.

Under Allan’s control, the ice ball slammed down toward the Ant King.

The ant King’s complexion changed. The Size of the ice ball surprised him greatly.

How can this be done by a human?

But it wasn’t the time to think about it, he can’t avoid it anymore.

It was too big and he had no time to avoid it.


The Giant ball of ice hit the ant king directly.

The whole valley shook as a huge icy pit was formed.

Allan knew that with the defense of the Ant King, there won’t be much damage caused by the Iceball, it can only temporarily seal him.

And soon enough, the ant king will break out, so Allan’s purpose all along was to temporarily suppress the ant king.

“Ice Age!”

After smashing the ant king, Allan used his Ice Fruit again and froze the entire Valley.

The entire valley was frozen in a few seconds.

Netero, who was watching not too far away escaped away as soon as he saw the Ice moving quickly all over the place.

The temperature suddenly dropped below zero.

Allan knew that the Ant king won’t die so easily.

He didn’t continue his attacks as he moved away from the valley. He wanted to regain some of his strength before the Ant king broke through the ice again.

He must recover as much as possible for the soon-to-be next wave of attacks.

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