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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 298: Thunder Dragon

In the Dark Sky, Allan recovered his energy as he waited.

The battle with the Ant King was exhausting. The Last two moves he used were just to give himself some time to recover. It should take the Ant King less than three minutes to emerge out of the Ice.

At the same time, the frozen ant king was unable to move, but his consciousness remained.

The ant king concentrated all the strength in his body and burst out with one move.

His Nen erupted as all the obstacles in front of him were destroyed.

The Huge Ice Ball couldn’t withstand the pressure and shattered.

Even the Ice a few tens of meters away shattered as well.


Finally, the Ant King broke out of the Ice.

Even though he broke through the Ice, The Ant King couldn’t get rid of the coldness in his body completely.

With another eruption, his Nen covered him and the coldness finally subsided.

As he recovered, the ant king tried to find Allan.

Looking up, the ant king found him in the sky.

Although he can rush into the sky with his Nen, he couldn’t stay up there for long.

So, he dispelled the thought of fighting Allan in the air.

Allan had supremacy in air combat, while the ant king was good at fighting on the ground.

During this time, the ant king actually sat on the ground without paying attention to Allan and looked calm.

The ant king was recovering his energy as well.

It wasn’t just Allan who needed to recover his energy, but the ant king as well felt that need right now.

Moreover, he actually suffered some injuries.

As the King of the Chimera Ant, he was more resilient and recovered fast.

Allan recovered 70% to 80% of his stamina, and stared at the ant king, ready to start fighting again.

This time, Allan decided to use the Ramble Fruit to fight with the ant king.

A blue arc jumped on Allan’s finger turning into a lightning bolt striking downward at the ant king.

The ant king knew that Allan had the power to use Lightning from when he destroyed the palace.

Therefore, the ant king was prepared and quickly jumped away from the lightning strike.

Before the ant king could make a move, several other lightning bolts stuck down.

Each bolt was one meter thick and can easily leave a hole on the ground.

It didn’t even take a second to reach the ground from 1,000 meters above.

The ant king reacted immediately.

(T/N: The author seems confused about the speed of lightning here, while the sound is fast, lightning moves 120km/s, he made it seem that Meruem heard thunder before he moved, which is impossible in this case.)

Only moving extremely fast allowed him to avoid lightning.

However, as he dodged, a blue light rushed toward him.

The speed at which the blue light moved was dazzling.

Seconds later, the ant king discovered that Allan was that light.

His body was covered in lighting as he attacked.

Thunder Palm!

Allan’s palms were shining with high electric current as he hit the ant king violently.

The ant king was knocked back as the electric current sent shock across his body.

The electric current can easily break the ant king’s defense and paralyze his body for a bit.

Allan took advantage of this and raised his hands then shouted: “100-million-volt, Thunder Dragon!”

A blue Dragon made of lightning was condensed as it swooped the Ant King.

The Ant king wanted to avoid but his body was still paralyzed by Allan’s thunder palm.

Therefore, he couldn’t escape from this dragon.


The Thunder Dragon which contained 100 million volts swallowed the Ant King.

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